Review: Deadlock

Title: Deadlock (H.I.V.E #8)

Author: Mark Walden
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Children’s.
Where Acquired: I Bought it off of Amazon
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Best Book Price: £4.19 Kindle Price: £0.99 (as of when posted)

UK Cover:

Goodreads Description:
Otto and Raven are desperate to rescue their friends from the clutches of Anastasia Furan, head of the evil Disciples organisation. First they must track down the location of the Glasshouse, the prison where Furan trains children to become ruthless assassins. But Otto is also being hunted. The three months that Otto has spent following his ‘expulsion’ from H.I.V.E. have given the Artemis Section – an elite division of the American intelligence services that specialises in capturing the toughest targets and reports only to the President – an opportunity to locate him.

Deadlock – the eighth book in the breathtaking H.I.V.E. series – continues the high-octane adventures of the supremely talented criminal team, with central characters forced to question everything that Nero has taught them and to confront the consequences of life as a villain, set against the backdrop of a daring high-tech prison break where nothing is quite as it seems.

My Review:
OK, where do I start! I am already an avid Mark Walden fan and H.I.V.E is one of my all time favorite series. Deadlock was no exception with enough twists to fill a lorry! I love, love, love Otto, Wing, Shelby, Laura, Nigel and Franz as always! not forgetting Raven, Niro, Darkdoom and all of the other awesome teachers! the addition of Nero’s dad was great, it had just the right amount of tenderness, humor and emotion and it was wonderful to see Franz develop his sniper talent and get the credit he deserves for once. This book was centered around six main stories: Otto and Raven’s mission, Raven’s Past, The Remaining Alpha students at H.I.V.E, Furan’s plans, the Artemis division and The Captured Alpha students trying to survive Furan’s assassin school. This gave the plot a more diverse nature and it let you see the many different perspectives, which was interesting and let you into a few, otherwise unheard of, secrets. The twists in the last few chapters however are what made this book worth 5 stars, i will not go into too much detail here as i shall let you read them for yourself, these twists also set the series up perfectly for the next novel.


“The life of a villain is a life where one must make one’s own rules, but still there must be a sense of responsibility. Without that, there is nothing but anarchy, chaos, and death.”

 “‘So I see,’ Otto said, raising an eyebrow. ‘You know it’s almost like people don’t want me interfering with their highly advanced experimental weapon systems these days.’
‘How very inconsiderate of them,’ Raven said.”

(OK, two more as i couldn’t help myself! there are so many awesome quotes in this book!)

 “‘Well,’ Shelby said with a crooked smile, ‘look at it this way. If you’re a member of the Disciples right now, you have Otto tracking you down and Raven coming after you when he does.’
‘Actually,’ Wing said, ‘when you put it like that, I almost… almost… feel sorry for them.’”

“I always say that it’s not really been a good day if you haven’t caused a major diplomatic incident by lunchtime.”


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