Now For Something Different: Atlantis

Media Review
-Because sometimes it’s good to have variety

Title: Atlantis (Series One)
First Air Date: 28 September 2013
What Channel: BBC One
Genres: Fantasy, History, Adventure, Drama
Amazon Box Set Price: £15.25  (as of when posted)
IMDB Description:
Far from home, Jason washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis.

– Mark Addy (Hercules)
– Jack Donnelly (Jason)
– Robert Emms (Pythagoras)

Alice Troughton
Based On:
Greek Mythology

This TV show is a great take on the classic Greek myths of Hercules, Jason and Medusa. It is exciting and very funny, but serious in all the right places. I have a feeling this show could go on to be something great. Already known as the replacement for the much loved Merlin;
and even though Merlin was a wonderful show, this series is a respectful replacement due to how good it was to watch. I was captivated from the beginning to the end and loved the way each episode covered a separate much loved myth.The chemestry between the three leading characters was hilarious and Mark Addy never fails to make me laugh! Jack Donnelly was the perfect hero with room for his chaarcter to grow and Robert Emms was the geeky sidekick who had the answer to everything!

 “Finding boredom in one’s work is to be relished. It means you are being paid to do nothing.” – Hercules

“I never truly felt I belonged where I came from. I was always searching for something.” – Jason

 “I would have to say the probability of us dying seems extremely high.” – Pythagoras

 “There is no shortage of hope in the world. There is a shortage of brains.” – Deadalus

 “Why do you look at me like that?” – Medusa


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