Now For Something Different: The Musketeers


Media Review

-Because sometimes it’s good to have variety

Title: The Musketeers
First Air Date: February 2014
What Channel: BBC One
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama.
Amazon Box Set Price:£17.00 (as of when posted)
IMDB Description:
Set on the streets of 17th century Paris, series gives a contemporary take on the classic story about a group of highly trained soldiers and bodyguards assigned to protect King and country.

– Luke Pasqualino (D’artagnan)
– Santiago Cabrera (Aramis)
– Tom Burke (Athos)
– Howard Charles (Porthos)
– Peter Capaldi (Cardinal Richelieu)

Colin Wratten & Adrian Hodges

Based On: 
The Original Musketeers Tales.


Wow, this series was thrilling, so fast paced and interesting. Who doesn’t like watching attractive guys sword fighting, saving the day and sweeping women off their feet! The romance in this series was touching and dramatic and the action was perfect with the Cardinal making a great enemy! I loved the brotherly love between the Musketeers and the way that they would do anything for eachother and anything to save their country from any threats. It was great to get a look at Peter Capaldi in acting a darker role before he takes up the role of Doctor Who later in the year.
This series contained many phenomenal actors some of which i recognise from the likes of Merlin (Santiago) and Miranda (Luke). But to be honest, even without some recognisable actor this show would have held it’s own as it was so captivating to watch!


“All for One, and One for All”

“We’re soldiers… We follow our orders no matter where they lead. Even to Death”

“Patronise me one more time and you lose your head”

“Goodbye D’artagnan, It was a beautiful Dream”


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