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Title: In The Flesh (Series 2)
First Air Date: 4th May 2014
What Channel: BBC3
Genres: Horror, Drama.
Amazon Box Set Price: £15.00 (as of when posted)
IMDB Description:
Four years after the Rising, the government starts to rehabilitate the Undead back into the society including teenager Kieren Walker, who returns home to his small Lancashire village to face a hostile reception as well as his own demons.


Luke Newberry – Kieren Walker
Emily Bevan – Amy Dyer
Emmet Scanlan – Simon Monroe
Harriet Cains – Jem Walker

Dominic Mitchell

Jonny Campbell 
Jim O’Hanlon
Damon Thomas
Alice Troughton


For one of the most inhuman and supernatural idea in a show it has one of the most human plots that I have any seen. The first series was good and set the scene perfectly but it was a shame that it was only 3 episodes long. That was why I was so glad that when series 2 came along it was 6 episodes long instead. In this series the former zombies or PDS (Partial Dead Syndrome) suffers face the anger, prejudice and discrimination of the human race resembling the struggles that ethnic minorities and LGBT’s have faced in the past. They are not accepted into society and treated as a lesser species so in this show they attempt to get their own back and be accepted into society through the very religious ULA (Undead Liberation Army). The main theme in this series along side with the very human issues is the fight for a second rising and the discovery of the first risen. We also see the fight that the humans like Kieren’s sister Jem are facing too, trying to accept the PDS Suffers and forget the times where they had to kill the Rabids and Kieran’s parents struggle to accept their undead son. Amy and Kieren’s relationship was as brilliant as ever but is was great to see our favorite characters begin to find romantic relationships. Amy and Phillips relationship was sweet but it was Kieren and Simon’s relationship that stole the show. It was complicated but all so lovely, Amy was at first in love with Simon but it turned out that her BDFF (best dead friend forever) Kieren was the real love interest to Simon. Simon gave up on his religious path to kill the first risen (Kieren) and even took a bullet for him! The new character of the town mayor was really creepy, she looked so nice and kind but turned out to be the most hateful person I have came across in a TV show! I loved the way we got to see Simon’s back story as being the first cured Rabid and his time in the treatment center as it helped with the world building immensely. 
Another outstanding part of this series though was when Kieren was forced to take the tablets that turned him Rabid and he faced his family dreaming of eating them, however he managed to force the urge thanks to his family finally realising their acceptance of him. It was one of the most bittersweet moments of the show!
The most stand out moment for me in this series however was Amy’s healing and her devastating death. Amy began to turn human again, for the most of the series she was ill and fearing becoming rabid but all of a sudden she could feel and her heart began beating again. It was amazing and lovely and under mentioned to peak our curiosity. However before anyone other than Phillip could find out she was stabbed horrifically by the mayor and due to her human again status it proved to be fatal. This was so sad and I actually had tears in my eyes (rare occurrence for me!). This cut the whole healing story short and left it all unsaid and ready to be a main theme in the next series if I guess correct. This is an amazing series full of desperation, heartbreak and love. It is worth a watch.



“Who’d want someone like me?” Kieren

 “It’s fate Kieren Walker. Everything happens for a reason. You’ve got to start believing that.” Amy

 “The Undead Liberation Army is about protecting The Redeemed from the Living. Because no one else will.” Simon

“I can’t put a bullet through me mock exams. Unfortunately.”  Jem

 “The PDS Sufferer in your home, in your shop, in your pub, is one missed dose away from ripping your head apart.”Maxine


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