Mythology Monday: Famous Mythological Twins

Artemis and Apollo

Name: Artemis. Apollo.

God/Goddess Of: The Hunt, Forest, Hills, Moon and Archery. The Sun, Music, Poetry, Archery, Plague, Medicine, Light, Knowledge, Art and Oracles.

Appearance: Eternally young woman, short dress to leave her legs free. A young man with curly blond hair and sometimes sun rays emitting from his head.

Symbol: Bow, Her Hounds and the Moon. The Sun, The Lyre, The Chariot and the Bow.

Weakness/Flaw: Dislikes men and opposes marriage. Too eager to enjoy women and nymphs.

Strengths: Physically strong and able to defend herself, protector of all wildlife and women in childbirth.  Creative and handsome and supportive of all creative arts.

Parents: Zeus and Leto

Birthplace: The Greek island of Delos under a Palm tree.

Spouse: None she rejects men and marriage. Many encounters but no formal marriages.

Children: None she is a virgin goddess. Orpheus the semi-divine singer and Asklepios the god of healing.



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