Review: Night World Volume 3

Title: Night World (Volume Three)
Author: L.J.Smith
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books
Genres: Paranormal, YA, Fantasy, Romance.
Release Date: 1997
Pages: 596
Where Acquired: Amazon
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UK Cover:

Alternative Cover:

Goodreads Description:

The Night World is a secret society of vampires, werewolves, witches and creatures of darkness – a place too dangerous to fall in love.
In Huntress, Jez Redfern is leader of the Night World vampires, but had an instinct to protect innocent mortals from her former friends … Can She resist her desire for blood?
In Black Dawn, Maggie’s brother, Miles, goes missing. Her search for him leads Maggie to the vampire, Delos, to whom she is strangely attracted. But while Delos lives, Miles could be lost forever.
In Witchlight, Keller is a shapeshifter. She is searching for a new Wild Power and battling her attraction to the dashing Galen. But it seems he can never be her soulmate …

My Review:
I adore these books, especially the way that – for a paranormal book – the relationships seem very real. Its also very unpredictable and every character has their own individual personalities that make it feel like each story was written by a different author. I love the way that L.J.Smith never holds back with the plot lines no matter how outrageous and still manages to make them feel very real.  I think Black Dawn was my favorite out of the three stories as Maggie faced the most challenging problem yet and dealt with it so very well. Her soulmate problems were worse as well considering Delos could have killed her at many point, clearly the most dangerous love interest in this series yet! what I love most however is the feeling you get from reading these books. When you read it, all of the stories all feel so separate so when you get a character or theme that overlaps the different tales it is really exciting! I love piecing the story and the major plots together within each story and seeing if my guesses and conspiracy theories over the linking plots all come true or not. I have to deduct a star for this however much I adored this book. I am taking the star away because there is NO SEQUEL AND IT IS LEFT ON AN END OF THE WORLD/APOCALYPSE CLIFFHANGER! Even worse i heard rumors that the sequel may not be written for another 20 YEARS! I feel sorry for the people who have been waiting to find out what happens since 1997! However, even disregarding the cliffhangers the book is worth a read if only for the romance and amazing characters and mini plots!


“In blue fire, the final darkness is banished.
In blood the final price is paid.
Four to stand between the light and the shadow,
Four of blue fire, power in their blood.
Born in the year of the blind Maiden’s vision;
Four less one and darkness triumphs.”

 “I’m not soulmates with Morgead.  I can’t be.  We hate each other . . . he hates me . . . all we ever do is fight. . . . He’s impossible and dangerous and hot headed and stubborn . . . he’s crazy . . . he’s angry and hostile . . . he’s frustrating and infuriating and he loves to make me miserable . . . And I don’t ever believe in soulmates.” Huntress

 “I will hurt you,” he said.  “Watch me hurt you.”  He bent to her angrily, and she could she the intent in his eyes.  He meant to frighten and disillusion . . . and he kissed her mouth like raindrops falling on cool water.  Maggie clung to him desperately and kissed back.  Where they touched the dissolved into each other.”  Black Dawn

“And just how did she make you two turn around and come back for us, by the way?”
Winnie pursed her lips.  “You heard it.  Volume control.  She kept screaming like—well, I don’t know what screams like that.  You’d be surprised how effective it is.”
“You’re agents of Circle Daybreak; you’re supposed to be immune to torture.” Witchlight


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