Top Ten Tuesday
This is a weekly Meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Where Fellow Book Bloggers Share The Top Ten of The Given Subject.

Top Ten TV Shows

OK This is a big one for me this week as I am a huge TV buff so I Will break it down into Categories! They are listed in no particular order!

Fave British Shows

1. Sherlock
I Love, Love, Love this show! I was a late newcomer to it only watching series 1&2 half a year before series 3 so I didn’t sit through the 2 year hiatus before, Lets see if I can be patient for it this time! I’m so excited for the new season now Moriarty is back! but we have to wait until late next year before they even begin filming… Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are brilliant writers and Benedict Cumberbactch, Marin Freeman and Andrew Scott (I have his autograph!) are all brilliant actors and I just love them all (Insert Fan Girl Babble Here)
2. Doctor Who
I Have watched this show every single series since Christopher made the comeback. I love the way that you fall in love with the actors and when they leave the fandom gets so sad, however getting a new doctor is so exciting that it lessens the pain slightly and it’s time to fall in love with the doctor all over again! I have seen Capaldi acting in The Musketeers and he was brilliant in that, so I have high hopes for his future as the doctor! I can’t wait for it to return on the 23rd of August! I have Matt Smith’s autograph, my autographs are my most prized posessions! P.S Fezzes and Bowties are Cool!
3. Atlantis
This series may have only been on for one season but already it is a winner for me. I love mythology, shown by my meme of Mythology Monday. So Greek mythology (my fave) mixed with good old BBC humor and plots is just a mix of perfection… plus Jason eye candy and all that…
4. The Musketeers
Again this show hasn’t been on for long but it was so very entertaining, not my usual genre but I still loved it none of the less! Oh and there was lots of eye candy in this show so that
was a bonus… Check out my review on the Now For Something Different Page

5. In The Flesh
The most human zombie show I have ever encountered. For a paranormal/horror it covers more controversial and human issues than many drama’s I’ve seen that were designed for that. That ending for the last series was one of the most touching endings I’ve encountered and makes me long for series 3! Check out my review in the Now For Something Different Page.
6. Downton Abby
A beautiful show that makes me long to live in that time, what I love most about it however is that it isn’t afraid to cover something that will shock the viewers to their toes. And it also isn’t afraid to kill off much loved characters and stick other favorites in horrible situations!
7. Miranda
Just funny, pure and simple humor that even I understand with my rubbish at understanding jokes brain! I love this show, Miranda is a superb woman in real life and on this show! 
8.Waterloo Road
A true to life show that I can really relate to due to it being set around people in my age range. It again, is a show that’s not afraid to tackle difficult issues and kill off much loved characters (Sob, Tom Clarke, Sob) I’ll be so sad when the series ends next year as I have never missed an episode or became bored of this show! It even smoothed over a move to another country perfectly without too much chance!

9. Holby City
I have always watched this show, I was baught up on it due to it being – other than casualty – my Mums only favorite TV show! I love all the drama between the staff! Jac is my favorite character, her humor is so dry it’s just genius!

10. Casualty
Same as what I wrote in Holby City really, I was baught up on this show. I love the bits where it shows you how the accident happened most!
OK…OK i have to add two more, I can’t leave them out!

11. Yonderland
Created by the cast of Horrible Histories it is So so so so so funny and very stupid. It’s a great show to watch with my family (Even though my mum hates it, my brother and dad love it!) Its ridiculous and very cheesy, I’m not even sure why I like it so much, I just do…
12. The Wrong Mans
James Corden and Matthew Baynton (I have his autograph too hehe) are a perfect match with Jame’s silly humor and Matthews’ dry and geeky humor making a great mix. This show is very funny and takes the mick out of action movies (My least fave genre just above horror.) so that makes it a winner for me! it’s just pure genius!
13. Gogglebox
Just my fantasy dream job, getting paid to watch and comment on TV. Nothing special 😛  

Fave American Shows

1. Grimm
Just amazing, so many fair tales turn dark in this show and the concept is so well developed and thought out to the smallest details that sometimes it even feels real! You can’t beat the little quips in this show however especially from Monroe and Wu. They lighten it up and make it the perfect mix of serious and entertainment!
2. Beauty and The Beast
A love story, A love triangle, all same, same  however this show is different as it is also part crime drama and part paranormal action with a little humor in between!

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Ahhh… Marvel, I am a huge marvel fan so when I heard about a TV adaption containing one of my favorite characters from the avengers: Coulson I was excited! It met my expectations and more after a slow start, turning out to be just like a 20+ hour marvel film! It contains the right amount of action and that typical marvel humor that I love so much!

4. Once upon a time
I love fairy tales and having them mixed together in a modern and real life environment was just magical and perfect for me. I was so sad when they stopped showing it in the UK so I will have to get series 3 on DVD as soon as it is released!
5. Arrow
This has changed my opinion of DC forever. Thrilling and action pact with a great cast! Felicity is my fave character! I’m so excited that they are giving the flash his own show after being loved so much in his short appearance on arrow!
6. Under the Dome
Nothing like the novel by Stephen King but entertaining none of the less. Just a lot more family friendly. Still worth a watch however as it is very exciting with many twists and turns!

7. Dallas
This was my parents favorite show when they were teenagers so they were very excited to see it return many years later! I was very wary at first as to weather I will like it. It turned out to be totally addictive!

8. Elementary
At first I hated the idea that the USA has stolen the idea for Sherlock and changed it so much but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. However I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was nothing like the BBC version, I must learn to be less judgmental of a trailer next time! This show is a brilliant crime drama, with a little bit more sociable yet still very eccentric Sherlock Holmes. The hardest thing to adjust to though was a female Watson but i think it worked really well in the end! Jonny Lee Miller is the perfect Sherlock for this show with many funny moments such as what he does with his cute per tortoise, keeping it in a draw, using it as an alarm clock and using it as a paperweight!
Fave Discontinued Shows 
I will miss all of these shows as they were all spectacular!

1. Merlin
One of my all time best TV shows, I was devastated when it ended but at least it ended properly, not just cancelled mid plot! Merlin and Arthur were amazing, I will never forget this show!
2. Heroes
Technically I am yet to see the last season, the last box set is on my shelf still but i am already sad that it’s ended as I love it so completely! there are so many brilliant actors/actresses in this show and if it does return like they rumour it will, I hope many of my favorites will return such as Peter, Claire, Mohinder and The best villain ever – Sylar!
3. Touch
Ended mid plot line, cancelled, just when it was finding it’s feet… uh!!

4. The tomorrow people
Again, Just cancelled just like that… At least there was no big cliff hanger at least, most of the story lines were resolved!

5. The Secret Circle
Cancelled, not ended. Sad, Sad, Sad.
6. Being Human UK
At least this show was ended not cancelled. It was beautiful and it’s American namesake lives on for at least another series in it’s memory! I just wished I hadn’t seen the alternative ending now though as it was a horrible cliff hanger! Stick with the ending they aired peoples!
7. Primeval/Primeval New World
I grew up with primeval as I just adored dinosaurs as a kid! When the USA version came out a few years later with great cross overs with the UK version I was overjoyed! However this was shortly cancelled after only one season. BooHoo.

8. Revolution
A great action/dystopian show! I haven’t seen the last episode yet as it is still on our planner but I am sad to see it go already considering the nano is the creepiest enemy I’ve ever seen in a show!
9. Horrible Histories
Just loved this show! the cast were amazing! at least it was impossible for cliffhangers however! they just ran out of things to cover I think. 
10. Star Crossed

Fave Shows I Am Currently Watching

1. Eastenders – Always watch it
2. The Vampire Diaries – Box set of series 3
3. Supernatural – Box set series 1
4. America’s Next Top Model – Boys Vs. Girls
5. Beauty and The Geek Australia
6. Being Human USA
7. Game of Thrones – Box Sets
8. Teen Wolf – Box Sets
9. Big Brother: Power Trip
10. Glee
~*~ I also have broadchurch  and The 100 lined up to start watching so if they are as good as they look they deserve being tagged on to the end of this list too!

Shows I’m Excited for

1. Heroes – Reborn

2. Gothem
3. Bitten
4. Sherlock Season Special
5. New Doctor in Doctor Who (August 23rd wooo!)
6. The Flash 
And the next seasons for all the above listed shows!

Told you I like my TV….


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. And I thought I was a TV

    You're right we do have a lot of shows in common. I wanted to add Sherlock to my list, but then I would have had to take one off and that just wasn't possible.

    Another Primeval fan! That makes me happy. I can't bring myself to watch New World, I just love the original series so much. The series finale would have been utter perfection if they had just cut out the last 20 seconds! Ugh!… Anyway enough of my fangirling.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. New world is defiantly worth a watch as instead of just being a copy it is more of a spin off. It even has Connor in some episodes! You should take a look at it, some of the plot lines are incredible! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  3. It was quite simple really! all I did was find their fan mail address on the internet and write them letters asking for an autograph and telling them how much I like them 😛 Just include a pre stamped and addressed envelope and I have got quite a few back!


  4. I'm proud of being a TV lover too!! Makes way to meet loads more people and have interesting conversations as well as being a great form of entertainment 😛 Thanks for stopping by! it's great we have lots in common! 🙂


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