How To Get Autographs

Introduction: How many of you out there dream of getting your favorite actor’s/actress’/author’s autograph without having to go to a convention or follow them around so you can meet them in a random street somewhere? Well, this post will tech you a way which worked for me and can be done from your living room! 
So far I have managed to get:
Rachel Caine Author of Morganville Vampires

Bradley James from Merlin
Matt Smith from Doctor Who
Andrew Scott from Sherlock
Tom Hiddleston from Thor and The Avengers
Matthew Baynton from Horrible Histories/Yonderland/The wrong mans.
All from using this method! I am still waiting for some replies as some just require a lot of patience! 
However – Be warned, this does not always get results, some people are just too busy to be able to reply, but many will still take time out to read the letters you write to them! 
There are a couple of different types of autograph you may receive back. You may receive one written personally and dedicated to you or you may receive a pre-signed copy that just has their name on, both are equally as good to receive however!

How To Get Autographs

Step One – Check online first on the chosen celeb’s website to look for their contact details. Some website will even tell you if they are receiving autograph requests at the moment and others like Rachel Caine’s will give you a way to request for autographed bookplates there and then.

Step Two – If you can’t find the celeb’s mailing address on their website then do a google search. For example search; “Matt Smith Fan Mail Address” Check out a few different results and pick the address that comes up most frequently.

Step Three – Begin writing the letter to your chosen celeb. Be honest and tell them why you love them so much! but you can use this template if you are struggling for ideas:
Dear (Insert Celebrity Name Here)
I have been a fan of yours for a very long time, I thought you were amazing in (Insert Show Here) Because…/I think you are one of the most talented authors and (Insert Book Here) is my favorite piece of your work because….
I would be ever so grateful if you could send me an autograph! and I thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my letter!
Your Fan Forever,
(Insert Name Here)

Step Four – If you want a certain picture to be signed, print out a copy and send it with your letter, Most celebrities from my experience however have pictures of themselves ready to send off to fans! (although some, A.K.A Andrew Scott just use a torn off piece of orange paper! (the most valuable piece of orange paper I have ever owned!))

Step Five – Get out two envelopes per letter you send off, put a stamp on both, appropriate for the areas your sending it to. If you stay within the UK you can do with two 2nd class stamps but if you are sending one abroad you may need to take your letter to a post office and have them help with the correct payments. 

Step Six – The first envelope will be folded up (Don’t forget to stamp this one!) and placed with the letter (and photo if you want) inside the second envelope. This envelope should be addresses to yourself so the celeb can use it to send the autograph back to you for free. If you are impatient like me then you can write the celebs name in small text on the back of the envelope so when you get it back in the post you can peak at the back and see who it is from!

Step Seven – The outside, second envelope should be addressed to the celebrity. However it also needs your address on the back with ‘return address’. Do not forget in the bottom right corner on the front you should write ‘fan mail, autograph request’ so that any publishing company or agent will know the intent of your letter, it will save them time and make your letter less likely to be thrown away. Make sure you seal this letter tightly and post it!

Step Eight – Now you need patience, Lots of patience as it can take over half a year sometimes to get a reply back due to the celebrities busy schedule!! It is worth it when you finally do see your self addressed envelope fall on your mat however!

Here are Matthew Baynton’s, Andrew Scott’s and Tom Hiddleston’s autographs. I would post the rest but we are redecorating and I have packed them away!

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