Mythology Monday: Funny Stories 

The Thunder God Gets Married – Norse Mythology

In the heavens the thunder god Thor was angry because someone had stolen his hammer. He roared and caused a great storm to erupt in the sky. Loki his troublesome brother walked over to him bringing him news that it was a giant named Thrym that had stolen his hammer. Loki states that the Giant had promised to return the hammer if he could have the most beautiful goddess Freya as his bride. The thunder god smiled and ran off to find Freya. Freya was not pleased to know that she was being traded for a hammer and she told Thor that she refuses to help him. Thor sulks back to Loki telling him of the events and attempting to come up with a new strategy. Suddenly, Heimdall who had also been helping with the planning came up with an idea. Thor and Loki were shocked by the idea but it was the only option so they planned to go ahead with the idea. That night the giant was thrilled to see a chariot turn up carrying his lovely bride to be. Thrym ordered a wedding banquet at once and was too excited to see how clumsy and big the bride and bridesmaid were. he didn’t even notice their gruff voices and hairy hands or the way that Freya drunk a whole two barrels of beer and ate a whole roast ox. After they had all eaten the giant got to his feet and made a toast to his new wife saying he will now give back the hammer to the “Ugly thug of a thunder god” Thunder god. The hammer was baught in on a cushion. Thor jumped up ripping off his veil and shouted “The ugly thug of a thunder god thanks you” then he grabbed his hammer and rendered the giant and all his guests dead. All the gods were relieved Thor had his hammer back but it was a very long time before they could freely laugh about Thor and Loki in dresses. document.write(”);


2 thoughts on “Mythology Monday: Funny Stories

  1. That is hilarious! I don't really know anything about Norse Mythology besides the Marvel movies and I know enough to know that those don't count, but I can't help picturing the actors in this
    Oh, that's just priceless 😀


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