Mythology Monday: Creation Myths 

The Beginning of Life – Aboriginal Mythology

In the beginning everywhere was flat, bare and empty. However under the surface of Earth there were millions of creatures sleeping and dreaming pleasantly. One day Rainbow Serpent opened her eyes and found herself in complete darkness. She flexed out her coils and began pushing her way up to the surface. She burst out into the sunlight and set off to explore. Her strong winding body carved out valleys, heaping the land into mountains on either side. She carried this out for a long time until she had covered all of earth and returned to where she started. She rested a while as she was tired out. After her nap she realised that all the other creatures were all still asleep so she shouted with all the energy she had and many of the creatures began to stir. The frogs were first, delighted Rainbow Serpent tickled them until they laughed up the vast amounts of water stored in their bodies. Some of this water filled the grooves that Serpent had made on her travels creating streams, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. In the areas where water was absobed into the soil grass began to grow. Soon enough the land came to life. Rainbow Serpent led all the animals across the earth finding them suitable homes, she was made the mother of life and set rules to make sure the Earth remained as it was forever. The most excited animals about upholding the laws were made into humans and told to watch over  and look after the land, each with a totem pole of the tribe of animal species they came from. They were allowed to eat creatures from any totem pole other than their own, meaning there would always be enough food for everyone. Other creatures Serpent was proud of became rock to become guardians of the tribes. One man was especially wise and took great care of the earth. Rainbow Serpent did not let him die when he became old, instead turning him into a spirit to protect and watch over the tribes. Not long after he encountered evil, expelling that man from the tribe with the man soon becoming the evil spirit called Bunyip. Thus evil and fear was released into the lands.

(Due to personal reasons I am unable to have time to provide a link for this and have to post it now Instead of this morning. Its lucky I wrote this yesterday.)

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