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Title: Salted
Author: Aaron Galvin


Author Image: 
Author Biography: 

Saltedis Aaron Galvin’s debut novel. He first cut his chops writing original stand-up comedy routines at age thirteen. His early works paid off years later when he co-wrote and executive produced the 2013 award-winning indie feature film, Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells.

He is also an accomplished actor. Aaron has worked in Hollywood blockbusters, (Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, and Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers), and starred in dozens of indie films.

Aaron is a proud member of SCBWI. He lives in Southern California with his wife and daughter.
Praise for the Book:
It’s always hard to find a unique novel on mermaids. I’ve seen a spin or two from time to time, but nothing really original, and certainly nothing I’d really describe as ‘cool’. That was until I got the chance to read Salted. 

Steampunk Sparrow Book Blog

I totally bought into the Salted world Galvin created. Not an easy read but a unique one, I would recommend Salted by Aaron Galvin for people who are looking for something beyond the typical mermaid and selkie tales.    

Saltedwas an intriguing read that kept me hooked. It is a different spin on the underwater world and creatures, which I found brought quite a bit of originality to the genre.    

Salted is sure to grab your interest at the onset. 
Publisher: Createspace

Genres: YA, Fantasy, Thriller.
Release Date: April 19th 2014

Pages: 358
Where Acquired: Ebook from the author via

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– Best Book Price: $3.01 Kindle Price: $4.09 (as of when posted) 

UK Cover:

Goodreads Description: 
Life isn’t better under the sea. Lenny Dolan is all too familiar with this reality. A Selkie slave in the realm beneath the waves, he has no choice when charged with leading a crew ashore to capture an elusive runaway. If unsuccessful, the loved ones kept behind will pay for his failure with their lives. But when their target leads Lenny and his crew to deeper, darker secrets, the Selkies are faced with a moral dilemma. Secure their own freedom at the expense of others, or return empty-handed to face the grisly consequences? How Lenny and his crew answer the question will teach them the harshest truth of all. Only through the loss of innocence does one become Salted.

My Review: 
At first I admit I did find this book a little confusing. I loved the parts with Gareth Weaver in but Lenny’s chapters had me a little lost. It took me a little while in order to understand the world order of the Salt and how the society is built up, but having Gareth’s chapters helped me to piece it all together. Once I had pushed through my confusion I began to enjoy the book for what it was; a fast paced, Mer-book with little in the way of romance to distract you from the complex and interesting plot. This book was so different from anything I have ever read before, very unique in the way it covered many hard issues without having some chapters that were lighter to distract you from the pain the characters went through. This in my opinion was what won me over, It gave the book a unique depth and danger. I felt every hard decision with the characters and found it very easy to understand their motives, Chidi and Gareth being my clear favorite characters, Chidi for her struggle and amazing instincts and Gareth for the innocence baught to the book. I enjoyed this book, especially the scenes held in the zoo such as the dolphin show and the shark tank incident. By the end I began to respect the complexity of the salted society more with the slave/master predicaments and the unique way of communicating through earrings. This book is defiantly worth reading if you want to read a Mer-book that isn’t just centered on soppy love stories and more about one of the biggest moral struggles I have ever read. I would say to any future reader to make sure you stick with it through the confusing beginning and wait until the society becomes clear and the book becomes spectacular! It’s a refreshing change to the norm of the YA genre!


“Alone for once, Lenny closed his eyes and tilted his head back, letting the rain drizzle on his face to wash away his guilt. He stayed that way for a long while, refusing to open them until he heard footsteps running back across the street.”

“The old woman sat on the edge not twenty feet from him, her dolphin tail lazily swinging in the water.”


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