Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Title: How To Train Your Dragon (How to Train Your Dragon #1)
Author: Cressida Cowell
Publisher: Little Brown Books
Genres: Fantasy, Childrens, Humour.
Release Date: 1st May 2004
Pages: 214
Where Acquired: Tesco
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– Book Price: £2.81 Kindle Price: £4.49 (as of when posted) 


Cover From Elsewhere (Spanish):

Goodreads Description:  
Chronicles the adventures and misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third as he tries to pass the important initiation test of his Viking clan, the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, by catching and training a dragon…

Marked it down one star due it being so different from the movie …. I know shocker …. but I watched the movie first and love it so much, it’s one of my faverite movies so I hated that this book was so different. That aside however it made for a good read, it was witty and funny and Hiccup was similar to his film alter-ego however Toothless was so different and unlikable until the end when he managed to save hiccup’s life. I liked the whole viking test story to the book and it was more believable of a brutal viking tribe than the movie with Hiccup’s dad being a lot more harsh. I liked the way it was written like a diary but once again it was Toothless who dissapointed me as he was small, moody, wimpy and common not like the cool, funny, rare and lovable nightfury version of him.


“Twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death”


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2 thoughts on “Review: How To Train Your Dragon

  1. Hi, there! I tried to send you a message on Twitter, but apparently you're not following me. Anyway, here I am, checking out your blog!

    I've never heard of this book — or the movie, either — but it sure sounds like a lot of fun, and I'd like very much to read it!! : )

    I'm now following your blog, too!!

    (This is @Spocktrekone on Twitter)


  2. Hello, Sorry about that, My internet is terriable at the moment so i can't check on social networks or even my blog as much as i would like! I will definatly go follow you back right now!
    Oh and how to train your dragon is fantastic! Go watch/ read it! The film is better than the book however!


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