Top Ten Tuesday
This is a weekly Meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Where Fellow Book Bloggers Share The Top Ten of The Given Subject.

Top Ten I Missed & Todays!

Top 10 Of 02/12/14 and 09/12/14


December 2nd Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward To In 2015
This one is difficult as many of my favourite series ended in the past year.. So I will have to research. 
1. Magnus Chase – Rick Riordan
Yess!! Riordan is starting a new series! I’m so excited for this! There are already hundreds of speculations about this book. I think the one that says Magus is related to Annabeth Chase! Why does this book leave me waiting until October? Evil…..

2. Frostfire – Amanda Hocking

3. The Cage – Megan Shepherd
4. (Untitled) Salted #3 – Aaron Galvin
After that cliffhanger Aaron left me on, I just really need the sequel now please so I can find out what happens…?
5. Nobody’s Goddess – Amy McNulty
6. Scripted – Maya Rock
7. Mindwalker – A.J Steiger
8. Freaks of Nature – Wendy Brotherlin
9. The Fire Sermon – Francesca Haig
10. The Leveller – Julia Durango

December 9 Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014
I’m glad it was only a Top Ten as out of the 60 odd books I read most of them were Authors I’ve loved for years!
1. Kiera Cass – The Selection
2. Stephen King – Under The Dome
3. Andy Coffey – Sacred Wind
4. Gemma Malley – The Killables
5. Julie Kagawa – The Iron King
6. Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice
7. Shannon Hale – The Storybook of Legends
8. Christopher Paolini – Eragon
9. Amanda Hocking – Wake
10. Aimee Carter – The Goddess Test


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