10 Question Interview with Dominique Butler

Dominique Butler

Book In Question:
Tabloid Teacher

Author Biography:
Dominique Butler is currently a Special Education teacher with a Bachelors in psychology and a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. She has written stories for educational purposes and is now writing fiction to entertain. She currently resides in Miami, FL with her two teenage daughters, three dogs and other assorted animals.

Sam Saunders finally has a quiet life. After years of unexpected pregnancies, two marriages and subsequent divorces she is unnerved by how routine life has become. Her life is stable, her kids are happy, so why does she have a nagging feeling that everything is about to change? When she finds herself at the center of a practical joke involving her favorite movie star proposing to her, she finds it hard to keep herself grounded. Could this be the change she had sensed?

Jake Jameson has made a career out of romantic comedies, but his love life is far from it. He’s going through the motions and everyone knows he’s lost his spark. After his fake proposal is televised, he finds that having a family could be what he’s been craving. Will the media scare off his fake fiancé before he figures out what he wants?


1. Hello, Can you tell us more about your book please?

Tabloid Teacher is about a single mom, Sam, who meets her favorite movie star, Jake. Sam leads a simple life full of polo school shirts and khaki pants. She’s busy working and taking care of her kids. She’s worried that life has become too boring indicating a storm is brewing somewhere. While she prepares herself for the worst, a tiny coincidence lands her favorite movie star next to her at a football game.
Jake is a confirmed bachelor whose married friends suspect may have commitment issues. Jake makes a bet to prove he’s not afraid to commit and proposes to the unsuspecting Sam.
Their two worlds collide in a big way. The proposal is televised. Jake tries to play off the proposal as real to save face before a movie premiere and Sam agrees to play along to liven up her routine, temporarily.
The two get a lot more than what they bargained for. Jake is faced with kids and Sam is faced with paparazzi documenting every faux pas.

 2. Out of all the characters, who was the most fun to write and why?

I would say I had the most fun writing Jake. He’s a confirmed bachelor who is suddenly faced with the prospect of children and a family. He’s a bit clueless about women in some ways and even more so about children. However, he is considerate and I think that’s the best quality a man can have.

3. How did you come up with the idea of the book?

The idea for the book came from Tabloids. Matt Damon met his then future wife in South Beach. So I had a small blog on MySpace recruiting help to try to meet Matthew McConaughey. My friends would read what I wrote and comment. I had a blast coming up with ways to try to meet him, not that I ever really tried. What made it fun was the back and forth interaction with my friends. Matthew McConaughey met his now wife and the blog died. However, I kept writing in the form of a book.

4. What tips would you give to any of my readers who are aspiring to be authors?

Tip 1: Write. I have so many ideas, but by the time I start one I have another then I want to start that. If I keep writing something get finished, eventually.  So, keep writing.

Tip 2: I think the biggest problem I have with writing is actually letting other people read what I write. I feel like it’s similar to reading a book and then seeing the movie, especially if the casting does not fit what I’ve envisioned. I don’t want other people to ruin what I enjoyed because it doesn’t fit what they enjoy.
My point is there are all types of books and all types of writers. There’s an audience for everyone. Not everyone will like your genre or appreciate your voice, but someone will. Be yourself, write what entertains you and someone else will be entertained, too.
Personally, I think we live in an amazing time where everyone’s voice can be heard.

5. What projects do you have planned for the next year?

In Tabloid Teacher, Sam watches a DVD about a sex therapist who accidentally exchanges laptops with a computer guy. I’ve been working on that story. I’d also like to write the sequel to Tabloid Teacher and another story about a bored mom.

6. If you were on a desert island which 3 book characters from any series would you want with you?
Hmmm, a deserted island. Oh, the possibilities. After much deliberation, I decided I would want Luna Lovegood, because she wouldn’t bring me down. Hermione Granger, because she could figure out a magical way off the island. Finally, Christian Grey, because I would need something to do to pass the time.

7. What is your favorite childhood book and why?
Harold and the Purple Crayon. I remember really liking that book, perhaps it was that Harold could create an entire world with just a crayon that kept me intrigued.

8. What inspired you to become an author?
I’ve always liked to write, but I think I like to read more. When I get a chance to pick up a book I read it cover to cover. Sometimes, it takes me a few hours, but other times I pull all nighters to finish a book. After I read something, I want to write. So it’s actually a vicious cycle. Read, write, write, read. Besides, imagining problems with fun solutions can be a lot more entertaining than real life. It’s an escape from my friends issues, my issues, and the news.

9. What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? If I had some free time that wasn’t immediately commandeered by my kids, dogs, or family, I would enjoy it by sailing with my boyfriend. I’d also read some funny books. I’d rollerblade by the beach. Sit and watch the waves roll onto the shore. Breathe in the fresh air. Camping sounds like a fun thing to do with free time. I’ve tried it but chickened out before spending the night. Hiking seemed like a good idea too, until I got lost. So doing those things with experienced people rather than two teenage girls sounds like fun.

10. What inspired your book cover and what do you love most about it?

The credit for the cover art goes to Sarah Foster. I think the book cover is inspired mostly by the fact that Sam gets a sunburn and wears sunglasses when she first meets Jake. She also prefers to live a life that’s a bit more hidden. I love that it’s a bit whimsical and captures the spirit that the book is written to entertain. I hope people read it and laugh.

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