Harry Potter Book Night

Harry Potter Book Night
Official Date: 05/02/15
Our Party Was Held On 07/02/15
Wall Decorations to Celebrate Each House – There are also signs for shops and main locations from the books spread around the house.

 Treasure Hunt Items – Wand, Stone, Owl, Fantastic Beasts, Daily Prophet, Wizard Coins.

 Pin The Snitch on the Quiddich Pitch and House Point Score Board

Hogwarts Acceptence Letters for all Guests (Name and Address Blacked Out)

Big Pile of Food Ingredients
Pumpkin Juice

 Rock Cakes Made By My Brother

 My Brother Baking a Second Batch of Rock Cakes

 Decorations and the Sorting Hat We Made

More Decorations – Hanging Stars

Butterbeer from another view point

 Sorting Ceremony! (I havn’t put everybodies pictures up) Everyone picks a house out of a pot so it is fair. My brother in the Gryffindor shirt got Hufflepuff.

My Brother’s Friend was Sorted into Ravenclaw

Me in my Ravenclaw Shirt was sorted into Ravenclaw – I was Chuffed!

Ravenclaw Won at the End of The Night – I didn’t join in with the games much as I was hosting so I was surprised! Games included a treasure hunt, pin the snitch on the quiddich pitch, a quiz and worksheets.
One of the Ravenclaw winners. This is the one who won the House the Most Points – He is a big Harry Potter fan and Aced the Quiz.
It was a Fnatasic Night! We had Harry Potter Sountracks and Pictures from the Studio Tours on the TV to set the mood. All of my Harry Potter Books were put out on display and Everyone Had Tonnes of Fun!

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