Top Ten Bookish Problems I Have
This is a weekly Meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Where Fellow Book Bloggers Share Their Top Ten of The Given Subject.

Top Ten Bookish Problems I Have

This post will be a mixture of problems I have being a book addict and problems I have with Books.

Problems with Being a Book Addict

1. I Have to Read Everything In Order
If someone (or sometimes accidently myself) buys me a book and I havn’t read the ones before it then I will not read it until I have. They even have a special space on my bookshelf.
2. My Books make me antisocialIf someone forces me to stop reading a good book I get very, very, Grumpy. I’m even worse if I was in the middle of a good part.
Books also cause me to zone out and stop listinging, not speaking to anyone around me lost in my own world. So I miss things going on around me and look antisocial, doesn’t help with making friends much. If I have just finished an incredible Book and have fallen in a Book Coma just before I go out anywhere or have to be social. I don’t really speak to anyone and sit there depressed and silent Until I am distracted from the Book’s hold on me.
3. I love a real book but Kindles are just so comfortable…
Books have a lovely smell and you can’t beat getting lost in paper. But they are so uncomfetable to read if you are laying on your back or in bed. You get achy hands but don’t want to stop reading even if it hurts. Kindles are light and soooo comfortable so I love my kindle a little too much…
4. No Space.. At all…
I had to reluctantly buy a kindle (even though as I said above I love it now) just because I run out of space in my room. I had a new bookshelf added and now have a whole wall of books nearly and I have already filled it up. And I Kind of have books in my cupboard, under my bed, in the loft…. I can’t wait to get my own house – who needs a spare bedroom/dining room etc I’m having a book room!
5. I can’t stop buying books.
I have 170 books I havn’t read yet (thanks for reminding me of that constantly Goodreads.. Not) But I still can’t help going out and getting more all the time… 
6. I hate being seperated from my Books
If I forget to take a book with me when I go out for a long time I feel lost…
7. I ALWAYS compare the movie to the Book and Get Furious at the Differences.
Problems with Books

8. Waking Up Confused
So many books have the protagonist waking up confused… Am I the only person who wakes up with a complete account of where I am and what happened the night before? Or am I just unusual?
9. The characters are younger than me.
I read books when I was younger and was like ‘I want to be like them when I grow up’ and now I am older than a lot of those characters. It makes me feel so old…
10. Rubbish Endings
I hate books that are incredible and then you get to the end and just go ‘oh’ there is no lingering awe or book coma just ‘oh..’ (yes i’m looking at you Under The Dome)


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