University Film Diary

University Film Diary

Title: Leaving the Factory Date Watched: 07/10/14 Location: University Duration: 00:00:51 Director: Lumiere Brothers Year: 1895 Genre: Actuality Star: N/A Times Seen: Second Review: Basic editing as expected for one of the first films recorded. Outstanding for its time but to a modern person it can be a little boring as we are used to much more drama and action than this video gives us.
Title: Babies Dinner Date Watched: 07/10/14 Location: University Duration: 00:00:44 Director: Lumiere BrothersYear: 1895 Genre: Actuality Star: N/A Times Seen: First Review: Again same with the last film. A little basic and boring to a modern person but amazing all the same for being a good show of developing technologies.
Title: The Sneeze Date Watched: 14/10/14 Location: University Duration:00:00:04 Director: Edison Year: 1894 Genre: Actuality Star: Jack Raymond Times Seen: First Review: First film, filmed by Edison on a Kinetoscope so very significant in film history and for that reason it is enjoyable to see.
Title: Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat Date Watched: 14/10/14 Location: University
Duration:00:00:49 Director: Lumiere Brothers Year: 1895 Genre: Actuality Star: N/A Times Seen: First Review:Simple and a little boring but a good example of the love of the new technologies around, especially the trains. Very exciting for viewers at the time it was made due to their love of items coming towards the screen imitating a crash and is therefore considered to induce fear and excitement to the viewers.
Title: Demolition of the Wall Date Watched: 14/10/14 Location: University Duration:00:01:28 Director: Lumiere Brothers Year: 1896 Genre: Actuality Star: N/A Times Seen: Second Review:This is the first Lumiere film I saw in Media Year 12. Again it consists of basic filming however it has the beginnings of editing shown as half way through the film they reverse the tape and play it backwards. Therefore it holds significance in film history.
Title: How It Feels To Be Run Over Date Watched: 14/10/14 Location: University Duration:00:00:48 Director: Cecil Hepworth Year: 1900 Genre: Actuality Star: N/A Times Seen: First Review:A great show of the love of looming objects once again. This video has some basic understanding of the effect the camera positioning has on the audience.
Title: Great Train Robbery Date Watched: 07/10/14 Location: University Duration: 00:13:31
Director: Edwin. S. PorterYear: 1903 Genre: Action and Wild West Star: Gilbert M. Anderson Times Seen: First Review: Black & white with some basic colouring of frames done by painting each individual shot on the film roll. It has some camera movement, but the majority of it is filmed steady, with little or no movement. The plot is exciting, fast paced and easy to understand. It is both significant in film history and enjoyable to watch.
Title: The Girl and Her Trust Date Watched: 07/10/14 Location: University Duration: 00:15:11 Director: D. W. Griffith Year: 1912 Genre: Action Star: Dorothy Bernard Times Seen: First Review: I enjoyed this silent movie it showed more sophistication in editing. The cuts between scenes are smoother than the previous films we watched (the great train robbery). It even shows the emergence of the jump cut! The plot is a little more complicated but it still shows the fascination that old movies had with trains and chase sequences one of the reasons to why I enjoyed watching this film.
Title: Sherlock Jr. Date Watched: 07/10/14 Location: University Duration: 00:44:43 Director: Buster Keaton Year: 1924Genre: Mystery and Comedy Star: Buster Keaton Times Seen: First Review: I loved this film it was funny and entertaining and the stunts were very good. I love slapstick comedy and Keaton pulled it off in a spectacular classic style. The dream sequence shows very sophisticated editing especially when we see buster’s character emerging from his sleeping self, making it a very interesting film to watch. I am still amazed at the story that he broke his neck while filming and carried on with the stunts anyway, Keaton is one star of an actor and director!
Title: The Smurfs 2 Date Watched: 10/10/14 Location:Home Duration: 01:45:00 Director: Raja Gosnell Year: 2013 Genre: Animation and Children Star: Neil Patrick Harris Times Seen: First Review: Sometimes sequels are not as good as the original but I think that this one was better than the first. Gargamel is funny, I love a crazy villain! Although some of the other characters can be extremely annoying and a little too perfect. However it is a great family film with bright colours and detailed animation which will attract children of all ages.
Title: A Trip (Voyage) To the Moon Date Watched: 14/10/14 Location:University Director:Georges Melies Duration: 00:12:52 Year: 1902 Genre: Adventure and Fantasy Star: George Melies Times Seen: Twice Review: This film is very odd. I found it rather amusing to be honest – probably for the wrong reasons. I had seen it before in my media class in sixth form and enjoyed it then too. It is a good demonstration of early feature films and shows great scene development and special effects with some basic animation that was outstanding for its time.
Title: The Maze Runner Date Watched: 18/10/14 Location:Cinema Director:Wes Ball Duration: 01:53:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Dystopian and Sci-Fi Star: Dylan O’Brien Times Seen: First Review: I have always been a big fan of the maze runner books so naturally I had to go to the Cinema to see this! It was very good! However on the authority of my dad and brother it was a little confusing for viewers who didn’t know anything from the books, but as the film progressed it was easier to understand. One reason for this is that you only get to learn things as Thomas the protagonist learns them, and that is one of the reasons that it is so good in my eyes, the mystery and suspense keep it exciting the whole way through. The visuals were stunning and the special effects looked effortless, and this only added to how much I enjoyed this film. The light played an important role in setting the mood of the film, which is important as light is used in the books to help tell the tale. The film stayed mostly true to the books with the one exception of the grievers being robot spiders instead of slimy, weapon wielding slugs as they are in the book which would have made for a much more unusual villain if they had stuck to it.
Title: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Date Watched: 21/10/14 Location:University Director:Robert Wiene Duration: 01:18:00 Year: 1920 Genre: Abstract Horror Star: Werner Krauss Times Seen: First Review: This film was not one of my favourites however it grew on me a little after having to write about it in my essay and therefore when I began to understand it better. The imagery in this film is clever and sophisticated and I even grew to like the plot a little more once I watched it a couple of times. On the first viewing however I think I disliked it so much just mainly because I found it very confusing and I couldn’t grasp the plot very well, but this changed after the second viewing in preparation for my essay.
Title:Psycho Date Watched: 28/10/14 Location: University Director: Alfred Hitchcock Duration: 01:49:00 Year: 1960 Genre: Horror, Thriller and Mystery Star: Anthony Perkins Times Seen: First Review: I really enjoyed this film. I had never seen it before and I didn’t even know that much about it (how is that possible? you ask) so most of the twist came as a surprise for me – other than the shower scene because who hasn’t heard of that one? I really enjoyed the aesthetics and imagery in this film as well as the superb plot. I was really shocked at the end as for most of the film I thought Bates was innocent and believed his mother was behind it all! So when it turned out it was Bates I felt bad for actually liking him! EDIT 24/03/15: I loved it so much I have now brought the DVD so I can see it again sometime!
Title:Some like It HotDate Watched: 04/11/14 Location: University Director: Billy Wilder Duration: 02:00:00 Year: 1959 Genre: Comedy Star: Marilyn Monroe Times Seen: First Review: Although some of the morals could be perceived as slightly offensive to some people it didn’t bother me too much as I understand that it was made in a time when people thought differently about gender roles, and you have to take that into consideration when watching the film and not take some of the more offensive items to heart. I thought this film was very funny, spoofy and entertaining. I was a little disappointed at first when it looked like a classic gangster movie instead of the hilarious comedy I heard that it was – so when the gangsters turned comic and the tone of the film changed I was very relieved and enjoyed it even more. It is one of my favourite films that I have seen in the Introduction to Film screenings so far. EDIT 24/03/15: I loved it so much I have now brought the DVD so I can see it again sometime!
Title:The CroodsDate Watched: 08/11/14 Location: Home Director: Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders Duration: 01:38:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy Star: Emma Stone Times Seen: First Review: A great family movie that shows a surprisingly sophisticated heart-warming story, it is full of self-sacrifice, the breaking of traditions, learning and loss and when we all thought that Eep’s father was dead, it was heart-breaking! I like a good animation and this did not disappoint with its bright colours and perfectly constructed scenery, even the smallest details looked absolutely stunning.
Title:Epic Date Watched: 15/11/14 Location: Home Director: Chris Wedge Duration: 01:42:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Animation, Adventure, and Family Star: Amanda Seyfried Times Seen: First Review: Another good family film with beautifully constructed animation. The plot was also very interesting as the world the creators produced was very complex and explained well in a short space of time. The cast is star studded as even with many acting stars we also have the employment of singers Beyoncé, Pitbull and even Steven Tyler from Aerosmith for both the soundtracks and for characters. I really liked this film as I’ll always have a soft spot for a great children’s animation no matter how old I get.
Title:Battleship Potemkin Date Watched: 18/11/14 Location: University Director: Sergei. M. EisensteinDuration: 01:15:00 Year:  1925 Genre: Drama, History Star: Aleksandr Antonov Times Seen: First Review: I absolutely hated this film, I didn’t really understand the plot or the strange imaging, I just found it confusing and very, very boring. Not the type of film I’d ever be interested in I’m afraid. Not enough happened and the scenes just dragged on with no movement in plot. I like a film with a good plot, I’m not a fan of ‘art’ films because of this either.
Title:Tangled Date Watched: 22/11/14 Location: Home Director: Nathan Greno & Byron Howard Duration: 01:40:00 Year: 2010 Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family Star: Mandy Moore Times Seen: I’ve lost count how many times I have seen this Review: I have seen this movie a “few” times before as it is one of my favourite Disney films! It’s funny and heart-warming with a great mixture of sad and funny. Its very quirky with the frying pans as weapons and the comedic horse. I like how it crosses the boundaries of heroes and villains a lot with the guards who are meant to be good as the people you are hoping will fail and the rough crowd in the pub and thief turning out to be heroes. I love how innocent Rapunzel is and it’s nice to see a heroine who isn’t 100% perfect as is the norm for many older Disney princesses. I love all of the film but the lantern scene in the boat towards the end never fails to make me melt! As always with Disney animations, the detail was absolutely incredible and the visuals stunning. It is animated with so much time and care that is easy to see on the screen when you watch it.
Title:The Jazz SingerDate Watched: 26/11/14 Location: University Director: Alan Crosland Duration: 01:28:00 Year: 1927 Genre: Drama, Music Star: Al Jolson Times Seen: First Review: The plot was a little simple and basic but I did like this film for its demonstration and claim to fame as one of the first feature length synch sound films. The sound was also used in a creative way; even using the absence as sound to set the scene for the first time. When the plot found its feet a little more surrounding his father’s death it also became a little more enjoyable to watch.
Title:Black NarcissusDate Watched: 01/12/14 Location: University Director: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger Duration: 01:40:00 Year: 1947 Genre: Drama Star: Deborah Kerr Times Seen: First Review: I didn’t really like the plot too much as I found it a little too depressing, there wasn’t enough light to counteract the dark of the nature of the characters and some of the scenes were a little boring with a lack of plot advancement. However I do appreciate the way they used the lighting and techno-colour in this film as they helped to tell the tale and made it a little more interesting to watch due to having something visual to appreciate.
Title:The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Date Watched: 08/12/14 Location: Home Director: Ben Stiller Duration: 01:54:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Adventure, Comedy, and Drama Star: Ben Stiller Times Seen: First Review: I like the way that Ben Stiller created and starred in this movie as it shows how talented a man he is. It was a complex film that was both stunning and heart-warming as well as being very relatable to its audience. It’s is based on a film from 1947 that I haven’t seen so I have no idea if it is a good homage to the older film or not. I enjoyed it partly for the relations I could make to my old geography classes especially when Walter struggled to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull which reminded me of the great fun me and my friend had in class trying to do the same thing.
Title:Léon (The Professional) Directors Cut Date Watched: 09/12/14 Location: University Director: Luc Besson Duration: 02:12:43 Year: 1994 Genre: Pulp, Crime, Drama, Thriller Star: Jean Reno Times Seen: First Review: I really loved this film; it is by far my favourite of all of the films we watched in the Introduction to Film class screenings so far. The director’s cut is very long but worth it as you get to see so much more depth to the story and characters. The widescreen effect and lensing is very interesting and makes the film just that little bit more spectacular. I loved the relationship between Leon and Mathilda it is dynamic and interesting as it is so different from what you would expect. Defiantly a new favourite film of mine and I can see I will watch this again a few times in the future. EDIT 24/03/15: I loved it so much I have now brought the DVD so I can see it again sometime! I got to see so much more of it when I re-watched it to write my essay and realised that Stansfield is one of my favourite villains of all time as he is just so… majestic and creepy at the same time (is that possible?)
Title:Pete’s ChristmasDate Watched: 14/12/14 Location: Home Director: Nisha Ganatra Duration: 01:26:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Family, Fantasy Star: Zachary Gordon Times Seen: First Review: It was Ok I guess… not the most interesting Christmas film I have ever seen. The whole do-over day has been overdone a little now I think although this had some enjoyable comedy pieces I don’t think I would watch it again.
Title:The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Date Watched: 15/12/14 Location: Home Director: Peter Jackson Duration: 02:41:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Adventure, Fantasy Star: Martin Freeman Times Seen: First Review: This movie was just breathtaking! Although as a big fan of the novel I still dislike what they have done going against the books and making a 360 page novel into 3 movies as it means they have had to add in many unnecessary scenes to bulk it out; many of which were a little boring. I think this film franchise would have benefitted just one or maybe two movies maybe that stuck to the book instead of them trying to make it too much like Lord of the Rings. However the film is still exciting with an incredible cast so I still love it. The visuals are beautiful and (I think) they are filmed in widescreen making the scenery look just that little bit more amazing. Smaug was almighty! He was huge, menacing and very creepy making you love Bilbo even more for his wits and daring! He had so much cheek for the dragon I thought he was going to be fried! One of the reasons to why Bilbo is one of the most courageous protagonists in both book and film that I can think of.
Title:Singin’ in the rain Date Watched: 16/12/14 Location: Home Director: Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly Duration: 01:43:00 Year: 1952 Genre: Comedy, Musical, and Romance Star: Gene Kelly Times Seen: First Review: I have never been a fan of musicals as I find them a little repetitive and boring and that opinion didn’t change over this film. However it was a good representation of the change from silent movies to synch sound so I liked it for that.
Title:Only Lovers Left Alive Date Watched: 17/12/14 Location: Home Director: Jim Jarmusch Duration: 02:03:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Drama, Horror, and Romance Star: Tom Hiddleston Times Seen: First Review: This film was OK, nothing really special though to be honest. Most of the film was dark and pale therefore the visuals were not all that stunning and the plot was a little boring too but the acting was very good (Tom Hiddleston need I say more?) and it was very realistic so it made up for the parts I disliked a little.
Title:Iron SkyDate Watched: 18/12/14 Location: Home Director: Timo Vuorensola Duration: 01:33:00 Year: 2012 Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Star: Christopher Kirby Times Seen: First Review: This films seems controversial to me and bordering a little on the offensive at some points to both America, Germany and it is bordering on racist a lot of the time… That’s all that can be said really.
Title:Two Weeks’ Notice Date Watched: 19/12/14 Location: Home Director: Mark Lawrence Duration: 01:41:00 Year: 2002 Genre: Comedy, Romance Star: Sandra Bullock Times Seen: First Review: I like a good RomCom and this didn’t disappoint. It was very funny and realistic so therefore enjoyable. It wasn’t the best RomCom I have ever seen as that is reserved for Love Actually, New Year’s Eve and Bridesmaids but it was fun to watch on a day when I was a little bored.
Title: Muppets Most Wanted Date Watched: 19/12/14 Location: Home Director: James Bobin Duration: 01:47:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Crime Star: Ricky Gervais Times Seen: First Review: For someone with a fear of puppets and ventriloquist dummies I’m surprised I even watch the muppets at all, I guess it’s because I can’t see that they are puppets (Unlike thunderbirds where you can see the strings and therefore I can’t even watch it without being creeped out). Anyway, I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the Muppets but fortunately unlike 2011’s ‘The Muppets’ I enjoyed this film. It was funny and exciting and I loved the plot idea, it was so much more exciting than the last film (which bored me to tears) and more lovable like ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’. I found it both funny and exciting but I don’t think even that can distract me from my very, very, strong disliking for Miss Piggy…
Title: Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy Date Watched: 19/12/14 Location: Home Director: Peggy Holmes Duration: 01:18:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Action, Adventure, and Animation Star: Christina Hendricks Times Seen: First Review: I have always loved anything to do with peter pan and Disney so I had to watch this and this was a great film to watch with my family, even if we are all adults… However it is full of drama and is fun to watch, showing us the origins of a few of my favourite Pan characters; namely Smee, Hook and the ticking crocodile as well as Tinker Bell of course. The music for the Tinkerbell movies is also very good. I may be too old to be in this films target audience, but I do love animated films, as do my family so I loved it anyway.
Title:Endless Love Date Watched: 19/12/14 Location: Home Director: Shana Feste Duration: 01:44:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Drama, Romance. Star: Gabriella Wilde Times Seen: First Review: At first, when I read the description on my Sky app I thought this would just be a harmless, innocent, romance film… how wrong was I… It was so dramatic it might as well have been an episode of EastEnders with burning houses, deaths, rejections and warring families and even then it shocked me to death. It was still a romance film but unlike any I have seen before. It was so full of heart-breaking, desperate situations I fell in love with this film instantly. It’s just really good!
Title: Saving Santa Date Watched:  19/12/14 Location: Home Director: Leon Joosen and Aaron Seelman Duration: 01:23:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Comedy, Adventure, and Animation Star: Martin Freeman Times Seen: First Review: I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would. Its groundhog day meets Christmas cartoon and although I had said it had been overdone when writing about Pete’s Christmas earlier in the year, this film seemed to be more fresh as it was more time-travel than forced to do-over a day until they get it right and break the curse. The animation is detailed, maybe not to the standard of Disney and Dreamworks but good enough. The plot was unique and enjoyable with a dorky hero who gets things wrong more than he gets things right. It’s a great film to watch with your family to put you in the festive mood.
Title: Let it Snow Date Watched:   23/12/14 Location: Home Director: Harvey Frost Duration: 01:22:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Drama, Family and Romance Star: Candace Cameron Bure Times Seen: First Review:A heart-warming family movie that I watched with my mum. It was a little cheesy and predictable but great all the same. I loved the plot of the relationship between Stephanie and her dad the best and the problems they faced. I think I enjoyed it so much because with the exception of the arguments and drama, this film reminded me a little of my families own traditions so therefore made me feel all Christmassy and ready for the holidays.
Title:Coming Home for Christmas Date Watched: 24/12/14 Location: Home Director: Vanessa Parise Duration: 01:27:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Family, romance, comedy Star: Carly McKillip Times Seen: First Review: Another fun family Christmas film to put us in the Christmas spirit. As you can tell by now my mum is Christmas mad and insists on watching every new Christmas film out on sky with us every year. This film is all about estranged sisters who want to reunite their family for Christmas, it is both heart-warming and dramatic making it enjoyable to watch. I like how this film teaches you not to judge people as the protagonist’s life seems to be miserable and imperfect but it turns out that her life is full of happiness and love. More than her sister’s life which seems perfect on the outside with her rich husband and huge, expensive house but she is miserable and really sad on the inside. Again very predictable and cheesy but fun to watch.
Title:The Lego Movie Date Watched: 27/12/14 Location: Home Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller Duration: 01:40:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Animation, Comedy, and Adventure. Star: Chris Pratt Times Seen: Second. Seen previously at the cinema Review:I love this film, I had seen it before in the cinema with my brother and some friends already but when it came out on sky over Christmas I just had to see it again. It’s hilariously stupid and slapstick and that’s what I love about it most. I personally prefer the silly, easy to understand humour that this film has abundances of. The visuals and animation is absolutely amazing due to it all being made out of Lego – even the blasts from the guns! It’s just so cleverly made that it makes me love it even more! This film teaches us that ordinary, mundane people can be heroes and it is just so silly and stupid I can’t help but laugh like a loon every time I see it and I can never seem to get bored of it either. I love the scenes at the end the most which completely mess with your mind! For the most part of the film you take the Lego film for what it is as a film but then we have the introduction of the human boy and his father and it changes your whole perception of the movie. You begin to think that the whole film was created by the child and it was just him animating the Lego pieces however it messes with your mind once again with Emmet thinking and moving by himself with the humans still on screen. It plays around like this the whole time the battle is going on against president business juxtaposing it with clips of the battle between the boy and his father. It’s just all very thought provoking and interesting and just makes the film even better!
Title:Night at the Museum 3:  Secret of the Tomb Date Watched: 30/12/14 Location: Cinema Director: Shawn Levy Duration: 01:38:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Family, Comedy, and Adventure. Star: Ben Stiller Times Seen: First Review:I have always enjoyed Night at the Museum films and this was not an exception. It is the last one as far as I know and a great send off. It was as hilarious and exciting as the original, rare in a sequel film especially when the second film was a little disappointing. The imagery and special effects were really good. Especially in the opening show at the beginning with the constellations that all looked very pretty. The special effects are most impressive with creatures such as the dinosaurs and the Easter Island statue and with characters like the Cowboy and Roman men though, things that you don’t even think twice against them being real whilst you’re wrapped up in the film, they look so realistic.
Title:Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier Date Watched: 02/01/15 Location: Home Director: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo Duration: 02:16:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Star: Chris Evans Times Seen: Second. First time seen in the cinema Review: I am a huge Marvel fan so I am a little bias on nearly every marvel film I see but I can admit that Captain America is usually my least favourite… Until winter soldier that is. This film hit new levels showing the best of Cap and Black Widow and highlighting other characters like Fury and new characters like Falcon making it more interesting. Bucky is a great character, I loved him in the first film so the twist of him being the winter soldier shocked me to death when I saw it for the first time. I love Bucky’s dynamic relationship with Steve Rogers, even though his mind has been altered he still saves Steve’s life and remembers him at times. The visuals and graphics are also great, with special effects being as good as they always are in Marvel movies. The fall of S.H.I.E.L.D to Hydra is a great plot line and this film is a must watch for viewers of the TV show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D hence why I watched this again as soon as it came out on Sky to refresh my memory, and because I loved the film so much the first time round.
Title:Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot Date Watched: 04/01/15 Location: Home Director: Dearbhla Walsh Duration: 01:28:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Romance, Drama and Family Star: Dustin Hoffman Times Seen: First Review: Ok I’m not sure if it is classed as a movie as It was on TV but it is classed as a TV Film on IMDB and I wanted to write about it so I have included it here anyway. I have always loved Roald Dahl so was so excited when I heard Esio trot was being adapted to screen. This film is sweet and lovely and just so cute! I love tortoises and this film just made me really want a pet one even more! To have a romance and a film cantered around the elderly is unusual enough but it is set in a sort of surreal world and I love that the narrator becomes part of the story gradually as well making it more realistic, instead of just a man telling his daughter a story. 
Title:Escape from Planet Earth Date Watched: 05/01/15 Location: Home Director: Cal Brunker Duration: 01:29:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Animation, Adventure, and Comedy Star: Rob Corddry Times Seen: First Review: With a star studded cast this film is a great family movie full of action and adventure. It’s interesting as it is from the point of view of the alien invaders instead of from the typical human point of view. My enjoyment of this film was a little disturbed however due to a family emergency (nothing serious in the end luckily!) that happened whilst we watched it so we had to turn it off and go out and didn’t see the rest of it until a few days later.
Title:First Time Date Watched: 09/01/15 Location: Home Director: John Kasdan Duration: 01:35:00 Year: 2012 Genre: Comedy, Drama, and Romance Star: Dylan O’Brien Times Seen: First Review:This cute comedy seems more realistic to me than many other films I have seen in this genre. Instead of glamorising everything they show the realities of teenage life instead and I liked the film for that. I also like the film because Dylan O’Brien stars in it and I find him a very talented young actor, one to watch out for in the future.
Title:When Harry met Sally Date watched: 09/01/15 Location: Home Director: Rob Reiner Duration: 01:36:00 Year: 1989 Genre: Comedy, Drama, and Romance Star: Meg Ryan Times Seen: First Review: I had been meaning to watch this film for a while. Although it was slightly controversial at the time it was made for its sexual scenes and references it seems tame compared to most films and TV shows in this generation, especially if you’re a game of thrones fan like myself. It’s a typical love/hate storyline with the whole friends falling in love stereotype. It was predictable but enjoyable at the same time and I just rooted for Harry and Sally from the start! I liked the way it was spread out over a decade or so and I did enjoy the mini stories throughout of how all the old couples met each other. I also find the fashion amusing…. Much to my mum’s dismay as she used to dress like that…
Title:Delivery Man Date Watched: 09/01/15 Location: Home Director: Ken Scott Duration: 01:45:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Comedy, Drama Star: Vince Vaughn Times Seen: First Review: A heart-warming comedy that I bought for my dad for father’s day last year. With many twists and turns that we find out only when the protagonist does it made for an exciting film. I liked seeing all of his children and how he acted as a guardian angel for them all – it was very sweet.
Title:Billy Elliot Date Watched: 12/01/15 Location: Home Director: Stephen Daldry Duration: 01:50:00 Year: 2000 Genre: Music, Drama Star: Jamie Bell Times Seen: First Review: Set in the time of the miner strikes it shows you a good likeliness to the problems many families faced. It also shows the struggle between gender norms and breaking the stereotypes of society. I love how in the end Billy didn’t care to be different he just wanted to do the thing he loved best – dancing. My heart completely melted though at the scene where his father takes him to audition to the school and when his family finally accept his amazing talent.
Title:Un Chein Andoulu Date Watched: 13/01/15 Location: University Director: Luis Buñuel Duration: 0:16:00 Year: 1929 Genre: Star: Simone Mareuil Times Seen: Second Review: I am honestly not sure what to think about this film… it’s crazy, creepy, bizarre and downright weird. I just think there is something seriously wrong with Buñuel, this film just isn’t normal. I didn’t enjoy it at all.
Title:Wild Child Date Watched:  15/01/15 Location: Home Director: Nick Moore Duration: 01:38:00 Year: 2008 Genre: Comedy, Drama, and Romance Star: Emma Roberts Times Seen: Fourth Review: I love this film, I have seen it a few times. I have a guilty pleasure for teen RomCom movies, and this one is one of the best. I love the story of Poppy and how after her mum died she went a little out of control so her father sent her to boarding school in England. She does everything in her power to get expelled (hilariously) but just when she is finally getting that wish – for something she didn’t actually do – she decides that she actually loves it there and really wants to stay. I love the drama, romance and humour in this and the scenes at the end where she realises that it is the same school her mother went to nearly had me in tears it was so bittersweet.
Title:The House Bunny Date Watched: 09/01/15 Location: Home Director: Fred Wolf Duration: 01:37:00 Year: 2008 Genre: Comedy Romance Star: Anna Faris Times Seen: First Review: Slightly stereotypical and agonising in parts due to its predictability this was an easy film to watch when I was bored and good for when I was not wanting to watch anything too serious. It’s likable in its own way though and has good comedy value as well as showing you the common moral of not judging a book by its cover at the end.
Title:World War Z: Directors Cut Date Watched:  16/01/15Location: Home Director: Marc Forster Duration: 02:02:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror Star: Brad Pitt Times Seen: First Review:I had been waiting a long time to see this and I wasn’t disappointed. The casting was spectacular with many big names (I found it hilarious that The Doctor and a member of S.H.I.E.L.D both worked in the Welsh health facility, things must have got really bad!). The visuals were equally great and I absolutely love the makeup work they did on the Zombies as they were extremely realistic. The plot was great also, unlike many films of the same genre we actually got to see how different areas of the world were dealing with the problem, usually we just get to see the protagonist’s home country and have to guess how the other countries around the world are coping. I liked the way this film only had half a resolution for the end as well, they managed to find a way to stay hidden from the zombies but there was still no full end to the action leaving it open for the imagination.
Title:The Breakfast Club Date Watched:  19/01/15 Location: Home Director: John Hughes Duration: 01:37:00 Year: 1985 Genre: Comedy, Drama Star: Judd Nelson Times Seen: First Review: My best friend couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen this film before now; and to be honest neither can I now I have watched it. A moralistic, heart-warming tale that tells us not to judge people from their stereotypes and is a realistic representation of how a high school hierarchy is organised. A great film and unusually just covering a few hours in just set in one location. I will definitely watch it again in the future.
Title:Breathless (À bout de soufflé) Date watched:  20/01/15Location: University Director: Jean-Luc Godard Duration: 01:30:00 Year: 1960 Genre: Crime, Drama, and Romance Star: Jean Seberg Times Seen: First Review:I didn’t like this film at all – hated it in fact. I found it extremely dull and lost interest in less than five minutes. I also couldn’t get over the jump cuts, they made the movie look badly made and made me dizzy and disorientated. The long drawn out scenes that didn’t do anything in progressing the plot didn’t help this film’s cause in my eyes. I didn’t like it at all.
Title:Into The Woods Date watched:  25/01/15 Location: Cinema Director: Rob Marshall Duration: 02:05:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Musical, Comedy, Fantasy, and Adventure Times Seen: First Star: James Corden Review: I found this film thoroughly enjoyable. It was very unique in the way that nearly all of the film was done in song rather than dialogue. I loved the way in which it took old, traditional fairytales and put a new perspective on them, and it was both hilarious and heart-wrenching in the process. The humorous parts were the best especially the stereotype/spoof of the Princes in their duet ‘Agony’. Me and my friend also couldn’t help but laugh at Johnny Depp dressed as grandma… James Corden was an unusual person to cast for this film as he isn’t the best signer but it somehow worked. His personality in the role of the baker made the film more realistic, as not everyone can be perfect, also his chemistry with his onscreen wife was very realistic and very… normal. I still cannot get over his wife’s death however, it was sudden, shocking and devastating changing the tune of the film darker, not negatively so however, it just gave the film a lot more depth and Cordon’s grief was once again believable and realistic.
Title:Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Date watched:  26/01/15 Location: Home Director: Chris Columbus Duration: 02:32:00 Year: 2001 Genre: Fantasy, Family, and Adventure Star: Daniel Radcliff Times Seen: I have lost count Review:Loving this film comes naturally to me being part of the so called ‘harry potter generation’ and I grew up reading the books, seeing the movies as they came out and acting out scenes in the playground in primary school with friends. I am a true ‘potterhead’ and this film will always be held close to my heart. Not only is the plot and casting amazing, it is spectacularly made as well. I have been to the studio tours in London and got a look as to how the film was created; it is extremely clever with green screens and animated machines just to start! That is not mentioning the special effects and the real animals they train for the movie. Films that have been adapted from books are always better when the author has a say in how it is made – and this film is an example of that. It’s similarities to the book are incredible and make every Harry Potter reader faint with happiness (unlike Percy Jackson… I’m still fuming over that…) Re-watching this film today has brought back my love for the wizarding world and made me want to re-read the books all over again (but my cousin has still got them…) I was still freaked out however when the whole Quirrell/Voldemort double sided head scene came on even though if it has been over 10 years since I first saw the movie…
Title:Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt) Date Watched:  27/01/15Location: University Director: Tom Tykwer Duration: 01:20:00 Year: 1998 Genre: Crime, Action, and Thriller Star: Franka Potente Times Seen: First Review:I enjoyed this film it was faced paced and exciting. The plot was a little confusing at times as I wasn’t too sure what was going on when she relived the same thing 3 times – but I enjoyed it never the less and absolutely loved the flash-forward parts when you got a glimpse into the minor characters futures. I also liked the cartoons and the very cartoonish characters – especially Lola who looks like something straight from a comic book or video game with her clothes, personality and that bright, shocking red hair. I think this film may be based on the idea of video games with the resurrections and action and that’s one of the reasons to why I liked it.
Title:Guardians of the Galaxy Date Watched:  28/01/15 Location: Home Director: James Gunn Duration: 02:01:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action, and Adventure Star: Chris Pratt Times Seen: Second, saw it for the first time at the cinema. Review:Not your typical Marvel movie due to it being full of anti-heroes and being a more satirical approach to their usual style, but it is my favourite marvel movie to date – and that is saying something from someone who has watched nearly all of the marvel films out there. The heroes are not typical heroes, all of them have ulterior motives and dark pasts, and are not always working for good. However by the end they become heroes that we love! This film also has the added bonus of being absolutely hilarious. Marvel always has the best one liners but this movie steps it up a notch. It had me laughing from the start (However not until after the heart wrenching scene with Peter’s mother of course!) and I fell instantly in love with it! The characters are engaging and lovable and however many times I watch this I am never bored; you can always find a new meaning to the plot each time. I loved some of the Easter eggs that I spotted in the movie (even though apparently there are many more that I haven’t noticed) such as Cosmo and the Nova Corps and Stan Lee made his Hitchcock style cameo that the marvel fans always look forward to. The 80’s music which was cleverly made to be diegetic for the majority of the movie, was unusual in a film and interesting, even going as far to make this film postmodern. It’s great that they even sold the music as a CD and tape (I brought it). The music helps give a comedic sense to some of the darker scenes too and that’s another reason to why I like it as it is very unusual. This film must be good because even my mum loved it and she is usually adverse to most things Marvel!
Title:Free Birds Date Watched:  30/01/15 Location: Home Director: Jimmy Hayward Duration: 01:31:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Comedy, Animation, and Adventure Star: Owen Wilson Times Seen: First Review: Although this wasn’t the best or most exciting cartoon I have seen in my life it was still entertaining and even a little bit historical. Mixing history and sci-fi is a popular pastime for filmmakers and time travel becomes more popular as science develops in our time. What with Peabody and Sherman and now this it seems like animated movies are jumping on the bandwagon too. It’s a funny movie and once again good to watch with the family.  
Title:Maleficent Date Watched: 31/01/15 Location: Home Director: Robert Stromberg Duration: 01:37:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Action, Family, and Adventure Star: Angelina Jolie Times Seen: First Review:I had been waiting ages to see this as I love anything Disney so when it came on to sky I was excited to see it. I was especially excited due to it being from a villain’s point of view which is unusual for Disney. First of all I loved how Jolie’s daughter starred in this film alongside her for a short while, it must have been a little strange for both of them. This film was very dramatic and heart-breaking. The producers painted such a perfect picture of Maleficent’s life that you could understand her every motive and understood why she went bad. Even though she was is a classic villain you sympathised and rooted for her the whole way through. It’s a great film to watch as it gives you a new perspective on an old story. I will be watching this one again.
Title:His Girl Friday Date Watched:  03/02/15 Location: University Director: Howard Hawks Duration: 01:32:00 Year: 1940 Genre: Comedy, Drama, and Romance Star: Cary Grant Times Seen: First Review: I was quite excited to see this film at first when I saw it was comedy week at university but I was disappointed when I actually watched it. It wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be and I found the plot a little too predictable. Just didn’t really enjoy watching it at all to be honest.
Title:Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Date Watched:  04/02/15Location: Home Director: Gurinder Chadha Duration: 01:40:00 Year: 2008 Genre: Comedy, Drama and Romance Star: Georgia Groome Times Seen: I can’t remember Review:I was feeling nostalgic so decided to re-watch this film with was a favourite of mine when I was 13 or 14. It’s funny and has a lovely story to it, I always love the scene at the end when her dad comes home. It is simply made and predictable but a good film either way.
Title:Confetti Date Watched:  05/02/15 Location: Home Director: Debbie Isitt Duration: 01:40:00 Year: 2006 Genre: Comedy, Mockumentary, and Romance Star: Martin Freeman Times Seen: First Review: This movie is very unusual due to it being a mockumentary, a genre I haven’t seen much of before. It is a very light-hearted and hilarious film with a great BBC cast. It is also unusual for that reason to; that the BBC made it as they do not tend to make many movies, and even then not full length ones. It’s very cheesy and a little crazy and definitely worth a watch when you want something different.
Title:The Host Date Watched:  08/02/15 Location: Home Director: Andrew Niccol Duration: 02:05:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA, Romance Star: Saoirse Ronan Times Seen: Second Review: I absolutely love this film! I am already a big fan of the book written by Stephanie Mayor and think it’s one hundred times better than twilight although very understated and more unknown. This film is amazing, full of adventure, action and romance and the plot is brilliant and unusual, I especially love the idea of the aliens who are over trusting, peaceful and think they are doing humans a favour. Because Mel’s body holds two souls I wondered how they would manage to convert it into a film as the book is based a lot on thoughts but they pulled it off really well. This film is set in a brilliantly described world, it’s great how they managed to paint such a detailed picture of this post-apocalyptic world in just two hours especially when the most of it was set in the rebel’s caves. I love this film and I am strong fan of Wanda, another surprise when I first watched it as Wanda is an alien and supposedly the enemy but you relate to her more than you do Mel and the humans sometimes. I really do dislike Jared though and favoured Ian massively from the beginning which was the same when I read the book. The film is a great conversion from the book as it is very similar with hardly any differences.
Title:Mulholland Drive Date Watched:  10/02/15Location: University Director: David Lynch Duration: 02:27:00 Year: 2001 Genre: Drama, Mystery, and Thriller Star: Laura Harring Times Seen: First Review:This film was OK at first, if a little boring (and if I ignore the jump scare that scared the life out of me towards the beginning). But when we got the scene with the opera house it turned into something completely confusing and totally crazy and that is when I completely lost what was going on and begun to dislike this film a lot.
Title:Big Hero 6 Date Watched:  13/02/15 Location: Cinema Director: Don Hall & Chris Williams Duration: 01:42:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Animation, Adventure and Action Star: Scott Adsit Times Seen: First Review: This movie was a little disappointing as I was very excited to see it at first as it was Disney and superheroes. However it was very, very predictable and there wasn’t much original about it, also the only funny bits in the movie were in the trailer and there wasn’t much more in the actual movie. However Hiro’s brother’s death was absolutely heart breaking and the story arc that followed on from that was the best part of the movie as sudden shocking death isn’t something Disney covers often and if they do it is usual parents and not siblings. It was heart breaking to see Hiro trying to cope and recover from the loss of his best friend but great to see how his new friends and Baymax help him discover happiness again eventually.
Title:Shaun The Sheep Movie Date Watched: 14/02/15 Location: Cinema Director: Mark Burton & Richard Starzak Duration: 01:25:00 Year: 2015 Genre: Animation, Adventure and Comedy Star: Justin Fletcher Times Seen: First Review: I just love any film done in clay like Wallace and Gromit and Chicken run and Shaun the Sheep is no different. I just find it very clever and appreciate how long it must take to make just 1 minute of film. I also find this film clever because – much like in anything Mr. Bean – it has no actually speech in the movie but from expressions and actions you know exactly what is going on and it is hilarious in the process. And once again to do that and in clay is just incredible. It was great to go and see as a lot of my family members came with me including my aunts and nan but It was ruined for me a little bit as there was a few families who had children who couldn’t behave and were shouting and running around, the risk you take seeing a children’s film in the cinema though.
Title:The Ring (Ringu) Date Watched: 17/02/15 Location: University Director: Hideo Nakata Duration: 01:36:00 Year: 1998 Genre: Horror, Mystery, and Thriller Star: Nanako Matsushima Times Seen: First Review:I was dreading this film from the first time I saw it on the list in the course reader as I hate horror and even the smallest jump scare can scare me to death. However this wasn’t as bad as I thought (until the end but I’ll come to that later) as it didn’t really have much in the way of jumpy scenes and was more like a murder mystery or an episode of supernatural. However, then the end of the movie happened… first there was that gory digging out the body from the well… Eww…. Then was that extremely creepy crawling out of the TV scene that I have pictured above that creeped the life out of me… I am never watching a VHS tape ever again…
Title:Rubber Date Watched: 23/02/15 Location: Home Director: Quentin Dupieux Duration: 01:22:00 Year: 2010 Genre: Comedy, Horror and Spoof Star: Roxane Mesquida Times Seen: First Review: I thought some of the films we watched at university were wired and crazy like Un Chein Andoulu, breathless and Mullholland Drive but I think this beats all of them on the craziness scale. It’s about a telepathic tyre that goes on a murder spree (yes I did just say TYRE) it gets even worse with the strange observing people who are imitating watching a film or something, I didn’t really get why they were there. It got stranger still when those people ate some kind of chicken thing like starved ravaged lions then died. I’m not sure what really to say about this film… it’s disturbing…
Title:Taken Date Watched: 24/02/15 Location: Home Director: Pierre Morel Duration: 01:33:00 Year: 2008 Genre: Action, Thriller Star: Liam Neeson Review: First of all I have never really been a big fan of action or thriller films but I actually really loved this one. It was full of great camera work and fight scenes. I really liked Neeson’s character Bryan there was so much depth to the character but he was still very relatable. When watching this film though there was something about it that seemed really familiar and it reminded me a little of Léon so when the film finished I looked it up and discovered Luc Besson was the writer for the film and I realised he is such a strong auteur that I recognised his style after only seeing one of his films before.
Title:Fear Eats the Soul Date Watched: 24/02/15 Location: University Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder Duration: 01:34:00 Year: 1974 Genre: Drama Star: Brigitte Mira Times Seen: First Review: This film wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t the best film I’ve seen on this course but it wasn’t the worst. I liked how it was written and how every movement of the camera told its own story. The character development was also very good and it was good to see them changing throughout the movie. It was a good demonstration of the racism and life in post-war Germany when many people probably felt confused and didn’t really know how to react to the sudden changes. To add to it all this film also addresses the more modern issue of age in relationship and the prejudice that is brought with that. It’s an interesting film but a little predictable at times and I really hated the sudden ending without the plot being tied up.
Title:The Seven Year Itch Date Watched: 24/02/15 Location: Home Director: Billy Wilder Duration: 01:45:00 Year: 1955 Genre: Comedy and Romance Star: Marilyn Monroe Times Seen: First Review:
This film contained some very clever transitions between dreams and reality but I found the plot a bit slow. I chose to watch it first so I can see the movie that gave us the icon of Monroe that is pictured above. Although it was meant to be a comedy I was funny but I found it a bit underwhelming. I did like the narration however, the way Richard spoke directly to the camera and told us his thoughts and what was going on. That part of the film was unusual do enjoyable.
Title:Back to the Future Date Watched: 27/02/15 Location: Home Director: Robert Zemeckis Duration: 01:56:00 Year: 1985 Genre: Adventure, Comedy and Sci-Fi Star: Michael J. Fox Times Seen: Second Review: I hadn’t seen this film in a very long time but remembered bits of it as I was watching it. I loved the references to time travel it made throughout the movie. From songs about time to the sight of clocks all over the place. The ‘Easter eggs’ in the movie were great too especially the mayor posters that helped us connect some dots together about his past and future. I did find this film extremely frustrating to watch however because as soon as he just managed to fix something, something else went wrong and it had me screaming in frustration a lot of the time.
Title:Jupiter Ascending Date Watched: 28/02/15 Location: Cinema Director: The Wachowskis Duration: 02:07:00 Year: 2015 Genre: Action, Adventure, and Sci-Fi Star: Mila Kunis Times Seen: First Review: I went to the cinema to see this film with my dad not really knowing what to expect. The plot description made it sound like a YA Dystopian/Sci-Fi but it is made by the Wachowski brothers. In the end what we did get was a film with stunning imagery and a great plot. The Wachowski’s auteur came through in this movie as some of the shots and camera tricks used were similar to that in the matrix trilogy and some of the narrative was confusing and hard to understand so you get a little lost, but like in Matrix it is all explained a little later in the movie. The film could also have done with a little more world building as the world the narrative introduced us to was so stunning it would have been great to see a little more of it. The characters were all superb; the heroes down to earth and likable and the villains absolutely horrid and in the case of Balem totally creepy (even his voice was kind of terrifying!).
Title:Back to The Future Part II Date Watched: 01/03/15 Location: Home Director: Robert Zemeckis Duration: 01:56:00 Year: 1989 Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi Star: Michael J. Fox Times Seen: First Review: Again I found this film painful to watch due to the difficulties Marty and Doc get into but this film is the reason I began watching the franchise this week as I wanted to see what they thought 2015 was going to be like in the ‘future’… and it was absolutely hilarious.
Title:Bad Neighbours Date Watched: 02/03/15 Location: Home Director: Nicholas Stoller Duration: 01:37:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Comedy Star: Seth Rogan Times Seen: First Review: This film is typical Seth Rogan; silly, strange and a little bit rude. It was very funny but I can’t say it was one of the best movies I have ever seen that Rogan stars in. It had a good plot and was unusual in the way the film was confined to near enough just two houses for the whole movie. I just found it a little too strange in parts and boring in the scenes without action but other than that I really enjoyed the ‘war’ between the two houses.
Title:Gravity Date Watched: 07/03/15 Location: Home Director: Alfonso Cuaron Duration: 01:31:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller Star: Sandra Bullock Times Seen: First Review: The Aesthetics of this film are amazing, as is the way it is filmed. The movie contains some shots that were continuously filmed for twelve minutes[1]and I find that very impressive. Just as impressive is the minute cast; you only see two living people in the whole film and only hear the voice of one or two move over their communication headpieces. And despite all this and the lack of dialogue you can still follow what happens on screen with ease. Although it is a little bit slow in parts I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to as I had heard bad things about the narrative I also found it amazing that Sandra had to go through memorising very long strings of action movements for the long takes which must have been very demanding and difficult “She’s the one that had to take on this unbelievable challenge to perform it. (It was) probably no less demanding than a Cirque du Soleil performer, from what I can see.”[2] I can honestly see why this film won so many awards.
Title:Princess Mononoke Date Watched: 10/03/15 Location: University Director: Hayao Miyazaki Duration: 02:14:00 Year: 1997 Genre: Animation, Adventure Star: Billy Crudup Times Seen: First Review: I always enjoy a good animation and this was my first introduction to anime and Japanese animations. I really enjoyed this film as it was a good adventure with a good demonstration of how humans really do affect the planet and the environment. This film is full of magic and strangeness. I found the main character Ashitaka absolutely hilarious though for his blunt stating the obvious one liners. For example when he came across some footprints he exclaimed “whatever made these (dramatic pause) made them recently…” and when he first came across the fort he dramatically states “It’s a fortress!!” I don’t know what it is about him but I just find him very hilarious. My favourite character however is Yakul the elk but I did like Lady Eboshi’s complexity. You hated her for her destruction of the forest and for killing the beautiful, majestic and strange forest spirit. But you also found her to be a great leader and very kind to the people in her village and the lepers. I didn’t really know what to make of her.
Title:Spirited Away Date Watched: 11/03/15 Location: Home Director: Hayao Miyazaki Duration: 02:05:00 Year: 2001 Genre: Animation, Adventure and Family Star: Rumi Hiiragi Times Seen: First Review:this was on the further viewing list for animation week at university and my friend who is a fan of anime had been asking me to see it for a while so I thought I would give it a go. First of all it is the strangest thing I’ve seen in a long time; giant babies, pig parents, bird ladies and No-Face… I’ll get to No-Face later… to be honest I found this film to be boring for the majority of it in between the action and I think it is mainly because the film is way too long. However it is set in a magical and well-built world and the main protagonists Sen and Haku to be interesting and very likable. I found their parting at the end very sad and was hoping Haku would go back with her. No-Face however was the creepiest thing that’s ever been seen on a screen. I mean, what is with him? I just…. I… um… no, he isn’t natural, he creeped me out so much I cringed when he was on screen even before he turned into more of a monster and began eating people (I couldn’t even use his picture for this diary I was so creeped out by him).
Title:Labyrinth Date Watched:  11/03/15 Location: Home Director: Jim Henson Duration: 01:41:00 Year: 1986 Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, and Family Star: David Bowie Review:First of all I found this movie a little strange but after I go used to the ‘special effects’ I got into it a little more as it reminded me a little of those short BBC programs (look and read?) they used to show you in primary school; where children used to go on all kinds of adventures in all kinds of strange and magical worlds. I found the film heart-warming and it was a good adventure although I wasn’t too sure what the ball scene was all about. I could tell that Jareth fell a little for Sarah and I could see a romance blossoming if she was older, especially after the ball scene, but she was too young in the movie so it would have been a bit too weird. I enjoyed the music in the movie too it was refreshing having a famous singer play a lead role in a movie that isn’t an animation and it’s good to see they made use of his voice in the film too.
Title:Bridesmaids Date Watched:  14/03/15 Location: Home Director: Paul Feig Duration: 02:05:00 Year: 2011 Genre: Comedy and Romance Times Seen: Third Star: Kristen Wiig Review:I love this film! It is my favourite rom-com of all time it is just absolutely hilarious. I love the narrative with the plotting, rival bridesmaids who come up with some great inventive ways to get at each other although one particular scene was absolutely disgusting… if you have seen it you know the one I mean. I also loved the romance in the film between Rhodes and Annie and was heart-broken when Annie’s life began to fall apart. However the reconciliation between Rhodes and Annie was so hilarious it eased the tension straight away. I could watch this film over and over again and still find it just as good. Especially when it comes to my favourite scene on the plane when Annie gets drunk and goes into ‘disguise’.
Title:Jackie Brown Date Watched:   17/03/15 Location: University Director: Quentin Tarantino Duration: 02:34:00 Year: 1997 Genre: Crime, Drama and Thriller Star: Pam Grier Times Seen: First Review:I found this film OK but a little long winded and boring at first until the action kicked in. I also found it a little confusing at points but that’s probably more due to my lack of knowledge of action movies than anything else. I did enjoy the scene in the shopping mall the most as I liked the action but I think Samuel L. Jackson’s ponytail stole the show for me along with the song ‘across 110th street’ which I already knew from the guardians of the galaxy awesome mix tape and that gets stuck in my head every single time I hear it. EDIT 16/04/15: When I came back from my holiday on the 7th April I went on one of those flat escalator things Jackie was on in the opening credits. I had to suppress the urge to hum across 110thstreet as I was going across it. Not bad for a film that I didn’t like too much when I first watched it.
Title:Insurgent Date Watched:   22/03/15 Location: Cinema Director: Robert Schwentke Duration: 01:59:00 Year: 2015 Genre: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Thriller Star: Shailene Woodley Times Seen: First Review: Although, similarly to the books, not as good as Divergent I still really enjoyed this movie. I can’t compare the film to the book too much however as I read Insurgent in one night when I got hooked to divergent and have since forgotten a lot of it. Anyway, I love the aesthetic of the film, the sets visually tell you a story as does the costume. The colours of the cloths tell you the different factions and each colour even has connotations of the values that faction holds. I really enjoyed this film either way though and Caleb’s betrayal is just as heart-breaking in the film as it is in the book and I am glad they kept in Peter’s change of heart as that is one of my favourite moments. It was sad and exciting and they deal with Tris’s struggle to get over her demons really well so you can understand her every motive and pain. I began to start disliking Four in this movie though. I can’t remember if I began to dislike him at this point in the books or not or if it was in Allegiant but I found him a little uncaring and way too grumpy and harsh.
Title:The Inbetweeners Movie Date Watched:  23/03/15Location: Home Director: Ben Palmer Duration: 01:37:00 Year: 2011 Genre: Comedy Star: Simon Bird Times Seen: Second, first time in the cinema Review: I was first dragged to see this in the cinema by some friends when I had never heard of the inbetweeners before. But it was hilarious so I loved it and went home to watch the TV series. 4 years later my brother received the DVD for Christmas so I decided to watch it again with him. I think I found it a little funnier the first time round as now I knew what was going to happen but I still enjoyed it anyway. The funniest bit is still the dance they do, when I saw it the first time round my friends roped me into re-enacting it with them when we got back to her house so it will always be the best bit of the movie for me.
Title:Shindler’s List Date Watched:  24/03/15 Location: Home Director: Steven Spielberg Duration: 03:15:00 Year: 1993 Genre: Biography, Drama, History Star: Liam Neeson Times Seen: Second-ish Review: I saw some clips of this film years ago in a history class but thought to watch it fully after it was talked about in one of my film classes a while ago. I found this film heart-breaking to watch but very easy to follow considering the narrative was complex. I loved the use of colour; It was purposely black and white all but one little girl in a bright red coat. It’s a very realistic account of the World War and what life was like for the Jews in Germany. Some of the images were very graphic but it pushes home to you the idea of what really happened and that is what makes it a great film for me. It tells the real life story of an unexpected hero and I especially loved the ending when you got updates on the real people behind that story and with the heart-wrenching scene of the Jews Schindler saved laying stones on his grave. It’s a powerful film although it was very, very long and even came on two separate disks when I bought it.
Title:Pride and Prejudice Date Watched: 26/03/15 Location: Home Director: Joe wright Duration: 02:09:00 Year: 2005 Genre: Drama and Romance Star: Keira Knightley Times Seen: Twice Review:Since I first watched this film 4 or 5 years ago I went a little mad on P&P. I read the book and a handful of books based on it and watched every film/TV adaption I could find. I love period drama and the romance in this is so bitter sweet. Like most other females on the planet I loved Darcy and Elizabeth is an interesting and quirky character who doesn’t fit in much to the stereotype of that ear due to how headstrong she is. I like this adaption a lot due to how well the actors fit the look I imagined each character would have in the book, it is also demonstrates the characters personalities well. However on my DVD they had the US ending as a bonus and I much preferred that one to the original as the original ending was very sudden and quick after a film which is slow building and full of suspense.
Title:Thor: The Dark World Date Watched: 09/04/15 Location: Home Director: Alan Taylor Duration: 01:52:00 Year: 2013 Genre: Action, Adventure and Fantasy Star: Chris Hemsworth Times Seen: Once Review: Finally I got round to watching this film, mostly because Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out in a week or so. I’m not really sure why I left the DVD on my shelf so long without watching it to be honest though as it was very good. I find most Asgardian’s lack of humour funny anyway but no Asgardien is funnier than Loki with his sarcasm and sass. Loki’s death in the film left me confused for a long while however as I had heard rumours about him being king of Asgard and being in the new Avengers movie so I was like ‘how could he be dead?’. So when I saw him on the throne at the end the world order was restored to me. If I hadn’t of known he was alive I think I would be a lot more upset considering he is one of my favourite characters… Anyway, I don’t think this film is as good as the original Thor it was still full of the typical marvel humour and action and I enjoyed the link to the infinity stones that are slowly being introduced in most marvel films. I also loved the mini after credit clip regarding guardians of the galaxy and Asgardians as it shows more of the collector and helps you understand his motives in Guardians. I did like how we got to see more of Asgard in this film though as the last one was set more on earth but I would love to see a little more of the others of the nine realms that we haven’t seen yet.
Title:The SpongeBob Movie:  Sponge out of Water Date Watched: 12/04/15 Location: Cinema Director: Paul Tibbitt Duration: 01:32:00 Year: 2015 Genre: Animation, Adventure and Comedy Star: Tom Kenny Times Seen: Once Review:A few of us all went to the cinema to see this film mainly because we used to watch it as children and because we like the other SpongeBob movie. However the only funny bits were that of what was in the trailer and it wasn’t as good as the first film. This was mainly because of the ‘out of water’ part of the title; the characters were only on land for about 15 minutes at most in the whole hour and a half the film was on. However some parts of the film contained Easter eggs that I loved. Well I am assuming they are references anyway. First of all you had the Dolphin who reminded me of the dolphins from Hitchhikers guarding and watching over the galaxy. Second said dolphin wore an illuminati necklace and lived in a triangle and third said dolphin joined in with an Epic Rap Battle[3]style song at the end of the film.
Title:Coming to America Date Watched: 13/04/15 Location: Home Director: John Landis Duration: 01:56:00 Year: 1988 Genre: Comedy and Romance Star: Eddie Murphey Times Seen: Once Review: I was bored so decided to find something random on sky on demand and saw this film. I like Eddie Murphy so I thought I would give it a go. It was funny and interesting but most of all I liked the way Eddie played 3 or 4 different characters at once. A prince from Africa goes along to America to find a wife that isn’t mindless and being forced upon him and he does just that. The prince grows so much as a character as the film progresses as he learns what it is like to live in a poor area and look after himself with a minimum wage job. The film is full of stereotypes which may be offensive to some in this era but in the 80s it wasn’t considered as bad. However I still enjoyed the movie as its quick witted and easy to watch.
Title:Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Date Watched: 14/04/15 Location: Home Director: John Hughes Duration: 01:43:00 Year: 1986 Genre: Comedy Star: Matthew Broderick Times Seen: Once Review:This is another film I just grabbed off sky on demand due to needing a break from writing Essays. Again it was quick witted and easy to watch but I especially liked the unusual narration by Ferris. It reminded me a little of home alone in the way he used contraptions and clever ideas to trick people. It was a funny film and the characters were lovable, it’s amazing what they got away with really, you could never do half of that in this decade. Ferris was a little bit mean to his best friend a lot of the time though and a very, very bad influence on people but funny and smart Nethertheless.
Title:Love, Rosie Date Watched: 15/04/15 Location: Home Director: Christian Ditter Duration: 01:42:00 Year: 2014 Genre: Drama, Comedy and Romance Star: Lilly Collins Times Seen: Once Review:I really, really enjoyed this film. It reminded me of a modern day When Harry met Sally. However it had more drama and depth than Harry met Sally. It also had a good deal of comedy as Rosie was completely down to earth and hilarious. She is a lovely character and someone who everyone would want to have as a friend. I love the story surrounding her pregnancy and how we got to see how both Rosie and Alex’s lives played out over 10 to 15 years or so. It’s a heart-warming movie where you just root for Alex and Rosie from the beginning but the film defiantly makes you wait with a great deal of frustration and suspense and both of them even getting married in between. It is full of drama, comedy and romance so there are no boring parts at all. I will have to watch this film again sometime.

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