Review Request: Rules for Riders

Title: Rules for Riders
Author: Natalie Scott
Publisher: Perfect Bound Marketing
Genres: Romance, YA, Contemporary
Release Date: September 6th 2014

Pages: 160
Where Acquired: From the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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– Kindle Price: £2.99 (as of when posted) 

UK Cover: 

An alternative cover: 

Goodreads Description: 
After a near fatal riding accident, Bebe Barkley is banned from riding and sent off to boarding school. Finn Foxley, her roommate and partner in crime, devise a plan to get themselves kicked out of school, in order to return to the world they love.
Once back on the Equestrian circuit, best friends will become deadly rivals! Enter Billy O’Reilly, Bebe’s handsome trainer, who will enforce 7 Rules that will turn Bebe’s world up upside down forever.

My Review: 
I never actually managed to finish this book. I thought at first when I took the book on that it would be a funny, quirky teen romance a little like Wild Child but I was very wrong. I wasn’t a big fan of the style of writing first of all and second, too much happened all at once. I got confused to what was going on. Last of all is that I really disliked the main character. She claimed to love the boy in the stables back at home but she was litteraly away at school for a few days before she was kissing some otherr boy. She was stroppy, arrogant and made out that her parents were evil and she was lonly but he dad was trying to do what’s best for her and the family with the stables were lovely. She had it lucky but chose to complain all the time. I’m not sure if this book really was bad or if it is just that I disliked the genre. Either way I wouldn’t recomend it to you, my readers.


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