Top Ten Tuesday Fairytales
This is a weekly Meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Where Fellow Book Bloggers Share Their Top Ten of The Given Subject.

Fairytale Retellings I’ve Read

1. Storybook of Legends Shannon Hale
This book is a retelling of the fairytales through their children’s eyes. Don’t be put off that it is a children’s book with it’s own doll series. It is hilarious and fun with an epic plot line!
2. Goddess of The Rose P.C Cast
This is a fairytale for adults. A perfect mixture of Beauty and the Beast and Greek mythology. 

Fairytale Retellings I Want To Read

3. Tiger Lily Jodi Lynn Anderson
Retelling of Peter Pan
4. Cinder Marissa Meyer
Retelling of cinderella with a robotic and dystopian/sci-fi twist.
5. UnEnchanted Chanda Hahn
Retelling of most fairtales with the Grimm brother’s decendent.
6. Avalon High Meg Cabot
Retelling of Camelot.

7. Of Giants and Ice Shelby Bach  
Retelling of most fairytales.


Farytales That I Love

8. Peter Pan

9. Beauty and the Beast

10. Red Riding Hood


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday Fairytales

  1. But, I must say, if you do end up reading any of these, definitely read Tiger Lily – it's one of my favorite books of all time. So beautifully written, and so heart-breaking too.

    Cinder is a really nice retelling too. Marissa Meyer does a nice job of taking elements from the fairy tales we all know and love and putting them into a story of a much grander scale.

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage


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